Sunday, 27 December 2009

chav language?

C'est TRES amusant I tell theee. Very, VERY funny. 

Sitting alone on my bed, bored and watching.. Chicken Run perhaps? And *POP* how inventive Facebook are with they're chat, anyway, it was some random guy that's on my Facebook and he turned out to be a chav. Such fun. He was from Manchester apparently, bad start already, couldn't understand much of what I said, partially because it was half interlectual and required a reasonable understanding of the English language, and partly due to the fact it was heavily sarcastic. Granted it's difficult to tell sarcasm on IM but still! 

Bleh, t'was all, "lukin dam fyn in ur pics bbe ;)"
Get, FUCKED. Having said that, bored as I was I decided to have some fun and enjoyed giggling pathetically to myself over the lack of good grammar, spelling, and general English. That and the fact he didn't understand that I WASN'T desperate. At no point in life, I hope anyway, will I be subjected to the immense desperation that would involve me lowering myself to the standard of said chavs. Never. Urghhh.

I hope to God not anyway..
We'll see perhaps?

Kinda gah riight now actually, feel a tad jealous over something even though it's incredibly stupid and relatively unnecessary. It's the hormones I tell you. Blame EVERYTHING on them! It's what they're there for.. Right? If not, they still come in handy in some cases (':

Ahhh Bridget Jones, the legend that is. I hope one day that all men will realise wobbly bits are laaaarvely and not opt for stick insects that have, on a daily basis injections of collagen and any fat syringed out.. I'm not bitter about being a tad "large". Shut up Rozz. 

"I'm gonna live in a black and white world"
Cause I'm that cool (': what do we think of it, ehh? Wow, I'm being hypnotised by this timer thing with bubbles of pink crap going down a green slide. Don't even ask? It's like a modern and frankly, weird, sand timer fandango (:
Anyway, must dash, have an urgent appointment with a bath tub and larvely hot water. And shampoo.. and. Yeah. Hush.


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