Saturday, 26 December 2009

boxing day means violence..?

I should bloody hope so actually, men are confusing as shiiitee! Well, the odd few majority are. Including one of my exs who started talking to me again and I'm uber confusedddd, and it's WEIRD. And I really have no idea at ALL where the eff I'm going with this..

Lets move on shall we?


Yesterdayyy, being christmas, obviously, Joshua decided to get me some stuff which was uber lovely of him and I larrvvv' him lots for it, but as all men, the wrapping was pretty comical, I found it so amusing I took a photo.. Looksee ;D

It turned out to be a gorgeous pashmina btw (': and yes, I look terrible because I'd pretty much just woken up after having something in my eye for an hour before I went to sleep. Bad times! Good God that photo uploaded quickly. BY JOVE BORIS! Other than that my day was pretty much uneventful.. Other than over eating and wishing I had a damn good metabolism. As it stands, mine fails. EPICLY. 
Today pretty much failed actually, wanted to go for a walk to Costa so I could have a decent coffee, got there and was waiting for aaaages, only to be told they had no EFFING take out cups. I was not a happy chappy. Bleh. And I tripped over my laptop cable on the way downstairs and my laptop came flying off my bed onto the floor. Woops..

AND just to make this post look fun, when I was in town with Daaaais on Christmas Eve, we were walking back, full of GINGAbread latte, when we saw this.. ADOLF CAT!!


We found it fun.. and fitting with the conversation on GCSE history times (L). Good times (': SCH FUN!

Anyway, must dash, sleep beckons (:
Na'niiiight sweets

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