Sunday, 27 December 2009


I changed the URL of this darling baby of mine 'causeee I felt that I've moved away from the times of GCSE history, but weirdly I feel better for changing it. God knows why. Perhaps it was the wine I had earlier?

I might do if I wasn't so cold. Which granted, is partly my own fault actually. I have the most gorgeous and warm and cosy slippers which makes my toes toasty, but I make the rest of my body suffer wearing jammies that would be more suited to summer. I'm a twit and I love it. Bummmmbumm, rattling through my ipod.. Should really get some sleep actually :/ 

Well I should probably think of revising a tad more rather than sleeping seeing as I've done a great deal of sod all and it's only 2 weeks until exams. Buggeration.

Revision tomorrow. It's a PLAN Boris ;D

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