Friday, 11 December 2009

pahaaaaaaaa.. ha ?

Dumdidummmmm, dullish day, least I actually got a grade on the stupid chemistry mock, then got a tad pissed when the teacher decided to give people who hadn't got their target grade or above freakin' homework and told us that we had to do more work for it. Considering I dedicated a long time to revision and tried pretty hard, yeah. I was a tad annoyed. Me and Zoe kinda told her that in a more.. articulate manner (':
And Camerzz, Rozaa and Camerzzzzz in chemistry. SUCH fun ;D

Blehh, biology was craaaaap. As usual :/ annddd then first history lesson with Stefaniak was relatively dull, apart from the fact she's a complete technological noob and couldn't work out how to turn the monitor on xD. Jeeeez it was funny. Got an unexpected free 4th as well :D cause Ms Waters had thankfully gone somewhere and the student teacher person was busy being ill somewhere so got the work done, talked crap for a biiit, then predictably went to Costa (':

Costa's both a good thing and a bad thing to be frankkk. I mean I love the fact that I can escape the confindes of JC and actually get a decent coffee, but it means that I spend all my money in there.. :/ boo. 

And Daisy's ill which sucks. Cause I didn't get to see her tonight and chill in costa with the majorly cosy sofa and discussing our navel.. Costa tomorrow though (': even though I STILL have to go christmas shopping. Grr. 

ANYWAY. Stefaniak's last, and god only knows why, but I was fairly high on the vanilla latte but usually I'm fine. Blaahhhh. T'was amusent ;D Nick and me are planning to go to Costa at some point in the christmas holidays to revise history and completely caffine myself up (': and escape from my home. Actually dreading next week when my stupid uncle comes round. I really do hate him, the feeling's actually mutual though ! Gah, I'll live. With a mixture of coffee, revision, living round friends houses and knocking myself out on a regular basis..

Hmm, weird...

Yeahh, it looked pretty (': and I can't find a photo of the orgasmically cosy sofa's or the simple immenseness that is the inside of Hinckley's costa.


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