Wednesday, 6 January 2010

sadist pillock..

Snow. Lots. Snowday?

No, of course not. Stupid crappy pathetic pillock of a headteacher got his balls twisted over the thought of closing the school because of snow, apparently he hasn't closed a school in TWENTY YEARS. Yeah, 20 years of being a miserable GIT.

Showing absolutely NO consideration of people getting to school, and the stairs by science which are suicidal normally anyway, were caked in snow with no grit or anything.. Of COURSE the school's safe... can't wait 'till he tries walking down there and falls down and breaks his leg. ARGH. 

Wow I'm being vindictive...

T'was not a happy chicken guyss. Howeverrr, I did have a free period 3rd, and Charlotte mentioned a sledge. Golf course. Snow. Sledge. Free period. My god my brain worked fast! So we went to the golf course to scream joyfully at our larks :'D good times! 
And then I skived last lesson. Simply couldn't be ARSED to stay for English when I haven't got an exam in it anyway next week, so went home and did history revision (~8 
I'm so cool...

Hmm, let's give uploading this video a whirl?

It's failed. :/ Hmm.. We'll see. If it fails then bleh, I doubt many people read this anyway, which is a tad gaaaay but y'know )':



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