Thursday, 7 January 2010

bigger boo.

I may have to start cutting down my coffee consumption y'know :/ it's not because I'm going off it or anything, but I've started getting the shakes a tad. Bad times.

In fact I've effectively turned into my brother who acquired a taste for Relentless at some point when he was at JC and he went off the rails somewhat.. Either way he shook like a cake loving kid in a bakery. That and decided wearing hair bands round his wrists was "cool" and they were too tight and cut into his skin and it went all gungey and ew, and I had to sort it out 'cause he knew he'd get a bollocking frommy mother. Which he did. Ruddy fool.

But yessss, on my 3rd/4th cup of coffee today, I do however have good reason though. Firstly my "first" cup'a this morning was no more than a few sips 'cause mum made it too late, the second was a vanilla latte from costa (L) the third was made with crappy milk and bymy mother and therefore inferior to my talent. And the fourt is the current one, duh, and I'm planning to finish a history revision fandango tonight before I have to cram for biology, chem AND history over the weekend and tomorrow night. Only problematic thing being I really need and WANT to get a flask for school so I can cart coffee there to get me through crappy lessons. Jeeeez I'm addicted (':

Other than that.. Moaned again about the ridiculous circumstances of which JC was open, AGAIN even though walking there and back was suicidal. Good lord our head's a first rate pillock. MAIS went to Stefaniak's revision session after school and felt like a cool history nerd.. BRRRAAAAAAAAP. Or not. But cool nontheless!

Still lusting over the vaio laptop which I love, and need. This hunk o' junk keeps freezing and refusing to work etc. NEICHT GUT.

OH, did manage to sort things out with my best guy mate though :'D meant I was up till half 1 last night, but still (': glad it's sorted and all! I tend to be good at screwing things up lately... Can'ae wait for exams to be over this time next week! Even though there's a chance I may fail )':
Wish me luck!


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