Monday, 20 July 2009

contradictory much ?

so the other day, i was bumbling about on facebook due to boredom, and found that a guy called Cameron Anderson had commented on my wall post.. in fact, the drip hadn't realised that i'd replied like 2 weeks ago but bleh. what do you expect from men ehh ? :|
but yeah, been talking to him a fair bit actually.. he seems pretty cool, but such a sex maniac ! well.. maybe not a sex maniac.. well he might be. i don't really know.. he says he's a romantic, yet if he was with a girl he really liked he'd want to shag like rabbits.. i kinda get it, but it seems utterly well, unromantic !
the most disturbing thing about him though, is not the fact that he relates romance to shagging like rabbits on viagra, but he is so scarily like Sebastian. i mean freakishly similar.
like his style, then the fact that he likes to shag like no tomorrow, then he smokes.. Sebastian used to. and then he inevitably wants to screw me. HA.
sorry, i find it amusing xD

he has some very interesting stories actually.. disturbing perhaps, but intriguing.. but then again some of mine aren't exactly normal.. cinema, Nicholas. need i say more ?
well i guess i do if you don't know me and i haven't told you what happened with Nic in the cinema.
it was messy, i'll say that much.

but yeah, he seems to be the Scottish equivalent of Sebastian Gourge Reene. it's kinda creepy. only difference, he actually talks to me more than Seb did. ironic as anything :D
i'm not sure which one looks better though.. i mean Seb was.. Seb. whereas Cameron apparently has an afro xD hells yes i have to see that :D if he doesn't show me i'll freakin' kill him ! God i'm so pleasant when it comes to making friends :D in fact we were talking for ages last night.. fun stuff.. and holy lord i should not have just looked in the mirror :| i went out with a low top on when i went to find a bloody job, and now my chest is rather red :/

ohhh yeah, i got a new bra the other day, and my god, not only is it comfortable as hell, but it makes me look as though i actually have a cleavage xD only problem with that.. was the fact that i got stared at by odd guys in vans when i was walking all over town. but yeah, the top of my chest is lovely and attractively red :D
okay, i have really odd conversations with Cameron, amusing and i like the way he thinks.. but my God they're odd !

oo, apparantly i'm the female equivalent of him.. hmm.

ohhh i feel full of joy xD
and i'm not entirely sureeeeeeeee whyyyyyyyyy

laaaa di daaaaaaa


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  1. ahaha xD

    i saw the biggest 'fro today. was on some random girl. i was like WHOOOOOA


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