Sunday, 19 July 2009

inspiration just come you git.

arghh, i am feeling horribly uninspired today ):
here i am amongst the ruin of my room due to being incredibly wriggly while sleeping last night, god knows how, but i think i turned 360 degrees in my bed last night, then woke up giggling at a dream, that unless you were me and were therefore dreaming it, it makes complete eff all sense and is hardly amusing in the slightest. i would attempt ti explain it, but my thoughts are still on the bit in the dream where i got a kiss.. mm, it was a good kiss :D
although the kiss meant that the guy that was kissing me got dumped because his girlfriend type thing walked in on us and i felt like a harlot.
oh well :D

and that wasn't the bit i woke up giggling to..
no, that bit was where i was wearing huge wedges and was wearing a belly dancers outfit and running up and down a load of stairs in a cathedral.. i kept tripping over them because of my dress and fell face first onto the bottom of a priest and burst out laughing... both in the dream and in reality.
i think it's a tad obscure myseld, but it amused me (:

good thing i woke up actually, because Joshua rang me and decided to tell me that he has yet MORE women issues. i love the fact he can talk to me about it, but i do find the whole thing like a twisted soap opera.
he now has 3 girls that like him you see.
woman a. being his girlfriend.
woman b. being the one that fancies HIM.. ish.
and woman x. being woman b's best friend who wishes she had packed Joshua in her suitcase..
she is coincidentally going on holiday with woman b, so it could result in a massive bitch fight or horrific lesbianic tendancies, as Joshua is in fact a lesbian.

i did advise of course, that he should just be my sex slave which would be so much bloody simpler. lets face it.
all i demand is a few hours a day for sexual needs, and i do in fact return the favour. see, it's not so bad.
i'm sure his girlfriend would ajust eventually (:

oh, and another thing about darling Joshua Rourke. is that fact that he has a tendancy to mix up his hours and days. it's his birthday on Monday, and last night it was 11:40 or something and we were on the phone, i just remember his overly excited butch lesbian voice going "IT'S ONLY AN HOUR AND 20 MINUTES TILL MY BIRTHDAY ROZZ !" of course the drip meant a frigging day and 20 minutes. and i thought i was dim.
he did it again this morning. he thought a day was 12 hours long :|
and he's doing A level maths.
i will actually die laughing if he ever gets a job as an accountant. i pity the poor company that was stupid enough to employ him.
although in all fairness, he does want to be an actor.
which would be okay if he could do fake crying. something that is impossible for him to do, and therefore should go for parts that don't have to express any sadness or manlyness at all. :D

ooo, finally, that thing called inspiration has hit me.
and i just exhausted it all above. :D

in fact i was going to write a post on here about my trip to Leicester with my mom and the delightful evening i had last night with Daisy and Scott, munching Indians and watching Precilla. an amazing drag queen fest. that and actually being EFFING LOCKED OUT MY OWN HOME WHILE DYING FOR A WEE AND HALLUCINATING.
yes, i got locked out from my house because i didn't take a key with me so urm, yeah. and Scott's mom dropped me home and i didn't ring my mom to tell her and she'd gone out to get paralictic with her pal. so there i was standing in a puddle, kicking my brothers car because i was bored, clutching my bladder and begging it not to implode, and staring at the sky which seemed to have white patches of light moving over it in a circle. yes. i was going to be abducted by aliens.

well, at least they might have a toilet. i was so tempted to find a jar.
i ended up ringing Tom actually, well he rang me, and i think he was rather disturbed by the end of the conversation, i was screaming down the phone that i needed a wee and was going to try and do it through the letter box..
ahh i think that is just tooo much information.
i may lob it all into another, less popular blog of mine :D




  1. ahaha i had a dream like that last night xD

    heh heh and yeah i know courtney :D she was talking about you iniceland and i was like :'] i follow her blog.
    and daisy too :D

  2. dreams are so good :D

    oh dear lord, i dread to think what she was saying :D
    wow xD
    Daisy is my special man. i love her. :D


    You should have weed through the letter box....
    I would comment on all your blogs but computer I'm on at the mo is utter rubbish :(
    So I'll just go for this one!
    I may be your special man, tardy boy, but you only love me for my thick yet oddly amputated penis...
    Your writings = good stuff, lover.


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