Sunday, 28 June 2009

holy confuddlation.

oh god.
i fear i am a complete idiot.
but i am confused.


i mean, it's so stupid and odd, how one tiny change can make me so stupidly paranoid.
i swear, my brain and my pathetic emotions will be the death of me..
it's like, as soon as you supposedly get closer to a person, they suddenly change something then you're left there thinking, right, so do you still like me orrrr, am i being taken for a twit ?
oh and then you get your brain chatting away despite the blastings of music
holy buggeration ):
life is never simple !

i'm probably making a crater out of a pimple. but still
it worries me. i'm afraid you poor people are reading this, fearing for my sanity probably.

does anyone understand what i mean ?!
or am i simply unique ? ha.

love once more


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  1. ahhh think i get you ;)

    hahaha i just noticed your URL xD legenddddddddd


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