Wednesday, 10 June 2009

on a downer.

as the title suggests, i am not an entirely, chirpy bee at this moment in time.
i pray i shall no witter on about crap
or end up moaning for the queen and all her lesbians.
but still. today and this week has really, not been good :/
i have also forgotten this online scribbling polava, and instead have turned my attention to the wonderful innovation of sleep and giving on of my favourite bum chums ear ache.
he did in fact request that i moan on to him, so he brought the plight upon himself.

monday : i can't remember it.
hang on,

i may have just slept alot on monday...

tuesday : a delightful geography examination :D
oh yes, i have
certainly failed the managing resources with style..
and on top of that, an incredibly pratty, slovenly, lazy bum faced, jesus looking, abusive 19 year old that happens to be some scarily hairy relation of mine. to some, a Jesus wanna be. to me. my brother.
and a hippy. or a student. hmm.

wednesday : oh yes this abismal day has been
full of catastrophes.
firstly, french reading exam. ha. yeah. Rozz has well and truly failed that fandango.
secondly, science exam. fairly easy to be fair, but started thinking of Lee Evans part way through and so my attention was diverted a fraction. not that
BLOODY green fly need much attention. oh yes, attacked by those miniture sods while waiting to enter the sports hall. tah God.
and then walking home, oh yes. rain and a white top with a green and black bra. again. my thanks.
anndd then, inevitably, my brother and his equally perverted, annoying, academically challenged "mate"
aannnnddd then the finale.
Daisy will not be joining me in a further two years of the stefaniak babes, as JC is ultimately crap, and have therefore not allowed her to have the options she so desires.
so yes, i apologise for the ranting qualities of this post, but i really am most completely irritated.

and in addition to the current disasters above, guess which prat has once again been fulfilling my thoughts..
yes, none other than the ex.

ARGH. i feel i am ready to implode.
it is as though every butch lesbian is sitting on me and trying to steal parts of my sanity and use them for pleasure.
disgusting thoughts.
welcome to my slightly disfunctional and disturbed world (Y)


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