Sunday, 28 June 2009

a flash of inspiration.

ohh yes i am aware that i only posted a post about 20 minutes ago, but i don't give a fig.
i have been struck with inspiration !
largely due to Ronald and his amazing ear sex. best orgasms i've ever had.
that and Cameron and the recent death of MJ.
made me laugh actually. i mean no offence to any of his fans. but if he gets cremated. it won't be ashes. it will be wax.
just melted plastic.
jeeeeez, it's gonna be toxic :|
he started off rather cute as a kid, i must say, but by the end he was begining to resemble a rather shabby Britney.

as i was saying.
this is going back to my recently published post, with my concerns of the poor woman that was utterly blind and clothed in black, in short, the storage container.
according to Cameron, yes he's loverlyyy, but he reckons it's MJ in drag.. and diguise..
it's a worrying thought to be frank.
i mean, imagine if it was ! what larksss :D
in fact the video morph of his face was freaking scary.
it's like, cute kid with an awesome afro, to prat with a nose that's clinging on for dear life, and then the rather transvestite looking feminine features and rather pale and pasty.

pahaaa. maybe MJ and Britney morphed.
holy crap that's a disturbing image :|

arww, Joshua Radin is pure genius (:
his songs are lovely and so so sooo calming
god, if i could, i certainly would (:

myself and Joshua need to see him in concert (Y)
cause we are seriously that cool and that in love with the fool, him being Joshua Radin, not Joshuaa my poker buddy. his girlfriend is lovely (: well, what i know of her anyway, they're so adorable bless them (:

and noww i'm drifting off, and what the smeg am i listening to ?!
ooo, the stone roses - sally cinnamon
hrmm, odd song, not really in the mood for it tbh, maybe waterfall.. thats if i can be arsed to find the darn song
and for some odd reason i can (:
was listening to it walking home from the train station
it made me smile and start dancing like a fool down a main road.
boy i looked fit covered in greenfly.
note, NEVER EVER EVERRRR wear yellow when it's sunny or hot and greenfly are about.
i was attacked, covered and utterly molested by them
plus the bloody train to Leicester was delayed >.<
daft trains.

hidyhi hodyhoooooooo,
i am going to have to text Carl backkk

i also have an idea to write every one of my sexual fandangos in this blog.
however i fear that may be seen as inapropriate or offensive, but the thing is.. people have requested, and i'm not too sure whether or not to obey to public demand.. i think there should be a vote tbh, so, everyone that wishes to hear about fake orgasms, forms of kissing, and shocking explosions, vote aye, those who do not wish to hear about the events in cinemas, vote nay.
sortedd (:
let me know you nymphomaniacsss
the lot of you.

as am i :D

loveeeeeeeeeeeee my face.



  1. Britney and MJ having a baby ! imagine what that'd have looked like :D

    E.T. thats what it's have looked like :)


  2. EW !!
    wow. amazing.

    E.T. was in fact created by MJ and Britney..
    i think we should get Garry Glitter in there as well.. although he is already fxcked up.
    perhaps Gordon Brown ?


  3. i would hate to see the retarded child of that completely messed up orgy... :|

    also i vote aye ;D

  4. same.. ew.
    porn of it.
    more like vomit enducing porn
    EW EW EW.
    MJ, Britney and Hitler.
    holy lord, it's the new world leader guysss..

    and i know you do ;}

  5. as am i :|
    i need you to come hug me and make the images go away ):

    :} x


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