Saturday, 27 June 2009


this world is a tad of an odden.
here i am at 00:39, typing absolute tosh onto my blog which i pity anyone that has to read this, largely because i force them to read the effing thing while looking at them through a big beady eye which is not actually attatched to me in any way, shape or form. so basically i am putting them through pain for nothing :D
but bleh, you people seem to enjoy it so i must give in to public demand.
although i do see the latest pictures of tree raping was rather popular.. perhaps i should post them more often :D
we'll see.

oh holy lord, i just tried to move the mouse pointer thingy ma bob by wiping my hand across the screen of Harry, my newly christened laptop (: and when i say christened, i do in fact mean only namely. i did not do some disgusting ritual which consisted of trying to make it shag something... unless playing DVDs or plugging Ronald in counts.. in which case, my laptop is an utter WHORE.
it should be ashamed. but as it's mine, i don't think there's much point (Y)

mais oui..
i have in fact had a rather obscure day..
6th form induction. very odd. very scary. and invoked many daydreams of lying in bed in some disgusting position with fluffy toys covering certain areas of my naked, quivering body, as i am slowly devoured by several hunky men in frog costumes... ahh, i can tell critical thinking is going to be productive for the next year xD
so other than having to get up at a god early hour, at which i was sincerely unimpressed, it absolutely PISSED it down as soon as i stepped outside the effing maths block.
it rained, ALL the way home, which for me is a fairly long way. i COULD have rang my brother, however that would have been a pointless exercise as he's a lazy nerk that manages to make our effing toilet throw an EFFING STROP.
oh that was disgusting.

not only did i look like a drowned animal that was half asleep, after a fruitless trip to the famous ASDA, my bladder called so toddle did i to the loo.
little did i know my brother had emptied half a gallon of god only knows what down the frigging u - bend, and therefore not understood the concept, that if you throw any more than three sheets of andrex quilted (yes, we ARE posh thank you) down the effing toilet, it throws a strop and vomits over the BLOODY BATHROOM FLOOR.
yes, startled was i to see the water slowly rising until, inevitably, it flows over and i start running around screaming "IT'S EXPLODED !! THE EFFING TOILET'S EXPLODED !! HOLY SHIIIIIIIIIIITE."
and yes, i did say that (:
my mother was not best pleased. but bleh. it's her house, her effing limescale and hundred year old plumbing :D

ohhh dear.
i also have had a certain guy on my mind all night
name of Cameron, he knows who he is.
hrmm, i do get a tad confused about stuff sometimes..
don't ask why, my brain mumbles to itself and forgets to consult me.
its like government for f*cks sake :|

you me at six is belthing into my lug holes right now
and i have to say, i love them :D
if i could, i would let them have all my babies,
they're completely orgasmic !!

i also have a moth circling my head.. urghhhh, they are pontless creatures, at least butterflies are pretty and are an improvement from the slightly ugly caterpillars they came from.
i found one crawling across my history revision guide when i was revising for the exam, many moons ago, and i shook the page the tiniest bit, and it was like a puffer fish
i swear.
it like curled up and all these evil little spikes came out.
i was like whooaaaaa.

right, i'm going to attempt to get some sleepy booooos in, i missed my lovely lie in this morning because if shitty JCC >.<

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  1. <3 YMA6 :D

    ew about the toilet xD

    LOL@caterpiller xD


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