Wednesday, 24 June 2009

good lord.

i have to say, i am ashamed to have neglected my blog for such a length of time.
i remember the good old days when it was two blogs a day... ahh... memories (:

ohh today has been a good one (:
ambling about the country side and sorry ass town that is Hinckley.
PAHAAAA £1.89 chocolate gateau ;)
that and the TREE HUMPING ohhh that was good stuff i tell you

myself and Daisy are smegging geniuses when it comes to making nature interesting :D
i mean honestly, if you were in a wood, or a meadow of buttercups and BLOODY THISTLES ahem,
what would you do ? (:
we are merely widely misunderstood creatures who enjoy attempting to hump trees.
not literally, only for the sake of photographic evidence ;)
ohh, if anyone has either myself or Daisy added on facebook, you would understand (:

so yes, we managed to make the best of nature
in an interesting and obscure yet fabulous manner :D
i fear history will never be the same again ):
i'm gonna miss my lesbo.
i love her too much i think.. yet there will be opportunies to reunite thank the lord (:

i bid you all goodnight, as i am feeling hyper and stuffssss
so will spend the remaining hours of this glorious day laughing manicly to myself (:
i'm not strange !
just misunderstood (A)

loveeee you all.



  1. MmmmmMMMmmmmmmm treees and poo cake :P
    Goooooood good day. Practically orgasmic!

  2. ahaha a step up from being tree huggers then. xD

  3. ohh hellsss yes :D
    we are far more than tree huggers
    we make love to trees...
    well Daisy just shags them very roughly to be frank xD


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