Thursday, 11 June 2009

end of an era.

today marks the end, of a fabulous two year adventure, full of testicles, badgers, brothel blue prints, and a scary woman with a fettish for Hitler.
today is the finale of two years manic scribbling on the work of Hitler and his many wizards.
the end of mine and Daisy's ventures into the scary issues of our badger haired Stefaniak babes.
end of the orgasmic radiator, name of Jim

boy, i'm an emotional wreck.

both myself and Daisy, the renowned brothel owner, will continue the adventure that is history for a further two years at A level, although we are doing this, it is the end of our adventure together.
you may laugh or snigger and think us rediculous.
but we have been through alot together.
such as the demise of Hitler and the discovery that Stefaniak babes is in fact hoarding Hitler's left testicle as well as his missing tit, it's all hidden in the hair.
we have discovered that she has a secret shrine to him
in the form of many textbooks and teachings of where your clitoris is to be found
we poked and stroked the "hair" and found it was a badger
we gave a whole new vision to the subject of history.

we fear Stefaniak babes will cry and mourn us
she will miss our witty comments and amused sniggers at the back of the room
the mystery of the gigantic gap between our table and the one in front
her rolls will jiggle as she shakes with hysterics as she reads our blogs
our tributes to the ledgend that is Stefaniak babes

she may also wish to kill us
but that's merely a technicality.

i am lucky enough to have the chance to spend two more torturous years with the fantastic butch lesbian man that is Stefaniak babes, as i am continuing my education with increasing dread at JCC, and Daisy and i shall remain in touch with the use of blackberry's and recordings of Stefaniak giving me a bollocking for whatever reason.
she shall find a reason, i am in no doubt of that (:
the good times will continue.

failing that, the institution of pain and torture that is JCC, will be converted into a brothel by myself with the input of Daisy via blackberry, and we shall have the biggest brothel in the Midlands.
we shall offer a range of sessions, a large choice of whores.
myself as top whore will, of course, get to choose my clients and will not necessary work at the brothel of Hinckley
(far too many STD's and ameoba floating around there.)
and so my services will be offered in London, Paris, or wherever the hell i choose (:
ask for details.

mourn the seperation of brothel owner and top whore from history and Stefaniak babes
light a candle if you will and send a prayer to Jesus

we are deserving, i swear



  1. YES!
    We are veerrrry deserving of religious tributes, methinks...
    I still can't get it into my head that it's over :(
    that is the sound of stefaniaks rolls waving goodbye to us.
    We shall make it work!


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