Thursday, 4 June 2009

obscure mind vomit.

i fear i have somewhat neglected my blog on being a complete whore.
apologies, but merh. i've had exams so tough.

well english language, paper 1 was an epic failure.
mrs bailey "oh yes, task 3 is either a newspaper article, speech, or letter."
utter b*llocks miss.

seriously, what the
f*ck was that question about ?!
i started wrting a loverly little story about feeling like a frog in a pool of fish.. i then successfully mutated into a fish and was happily gossiping and playing football with all the other fish.
god i laughed exasperatedly to myself during that
f*cktard of an exam :D
geography.. surprisingly easy, hope i don't speak to soon and end up with a frigging failure. after getting an A* in the coursework, my god will i be miffed if i fail -.-

history.. the ledgendary 2 hour paper 1.. oh good lord i shall miss Hitler and his missing testicle. and boob.
actually found it rather obscurely relaxing, and rather amusing watching a particular invidulator running like the wind to anyone asking for extra paper.
half way through after gazing at the plump, middle aged buffoon jog across the gym for the seventh time, i remember thinking
"run boy, RUNN !" ohh you can tell i was enthralled by the epic failure of Hitler and the rest of the camp gang.
i also recall one daft woman invidulator who brings a new meaning to the phrase "walks like an elephant"
the gym is not the quietest room for obvious reasons, but does she
honestly feel the need to clump across in granny sandle things, the dodgy heavy rubber themed clod hoppers.
i thought a storm was brewing as it grew louder. urgh.

on other subjectsssss

my internet is being a complete and utter
tard. so this post will inevitably be posted, roughly 6 hours after i have actually attempted to post it.
i am also feeling mildly depressed. not a great feeling in all honesty. makes me want to cry. alot.
and i have chanel mascara on, so tears are simply
not an option, however tempting they may be.
being soothed however by the noise emitting from ronald's new earphone interest, now "melon green" whatever the hell that colour is..

Hinder - loaded and alone.

i love this song (:
in fact i love Hinder altogether. their music is orgasms through ear drums.
better than sex ? it could be.. less self consciousness.. hmm.
we shall see..

pahaaa. ew.
looking at myself in the mirror is currently an incredibly horrific sight.
i am an interesting variation of a rainbow, red + brown thighs, brown / white shins, patchy red feet, brown face, arms, shoulders and chest, red + white scalp..
i mean seriously, i feel like a stick of rock.
one day me and the sun shall be at peace, possibly when i'm dead, burnt, and floating about contributing to pollution, what a wonderful thought for ten past 11 at night.
this is when i am incredibly knackered, marginally depressed, and tempted to scream out the window..

roll on summer (L)


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  1. You're blog is beautiful darling.
    Et toi? You ain't so bad yourself :)
    I loved that old man in history, I swear I heard a distinct fluttering of exam papers from the breeze he caused on his way.
    Very cool typings you have here!


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