Friday, 29 May 2009

trainsss. choo choooo.

what a delightful day of wandering aimlessly(ish) around Brum with the fabulous mystic being, name of Daisy. (:
my arse is now welded to a metal pipe, awaiting the arrival of the metal beast to whisk us back to the horror that is Hinckley.
having decided to walk from one end of the Bullring to Selfridges, and all round selfridges in brand new high heels, my feet are now completely killing.. as are Daisy's.
was also a very interesting observation, that when wandering around the top floors of Selfridges' in heels actually means you get respect and much less dirty looks from the stuck up shop assistants..

back to the black platform of Brum..
some evil person is teasing me with the delicious aroma of some form of food... damn you whoreee !
apologies, my stomach is incredibly selfish (:
anywayyy.. when i say my bum is welded to the metal thing, i fear it is not that secure, the empty starbucks between my knees taunts me as i slide, yet again, slowly down and remain in a heap on the platform..
grr, Birmingham, for the love of people's backsides, give us benches !

arghh ! i fear we are being stalked by an ameoba of Birmingham itself !
the organism in question has been circling us like a horrific mutation of a lonely shark for the pasty 20 minutes :|
the joys of platform 10a.
haaa, business people on a mission.. why wear heels if there is a possibility you're going to have to run for a train you lower mortal ?!
ohh no, not good, not good at all. :|
this blogger has just aquired pins and needles in the most inappropriate and uncomfortable area possible..
mmm, chocolate fingers, finger me baby (;

oh dear lord. the ameoba/circling mutated socially retarded shark has gone past again.. mumbling to himself without seeming to take a breath..
hmm, if only i was rich and could afford the 25quid dress from Blue Banana, it sucks being pooooor ):
the ameoba circles for the 17th time in half an hour..
and counting !

(on the train)
Daisy - "should it be wrong that the seat's warm.. ? ..... i feel like i'm sitting in a pool of alchy bum sweat !.."
haaaaaa, rozz is amused ^,^
Daisy then proceeds to discuss the quality of the queen's bum sweat.. "maybe it has a floral aroma.."

yes, we did get some dodgy looks (:
good day that was (Y) and i found i look fit in a dress (;


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