Monday, 25 May 2009

coffee and magic.

imagine two ipods.. two ipods deeply in love..
meet ronald and arnold. these pieces of technology have been united by love.
that, and a shared obsession with the maccabees, joshua radin, and similar ear sex icons.

i fear this is some very obscure gay relationship, but still, they're in love !
who am i to judge ?

soo, basically, ronald and arnold reguarly enjoy very rough, possibly gay, rumpy pumpy. they have decided that they are going to have sex and then sleep together, however ronald has other ideas..
he thinks that they should sleep together first, minus the very excitable bum sex, just to see if they can cope in the same bed as eachother and that one of them doesn't kick the other out constantly.
or snore.
that's just completely unacceptable.
i mean passing wind is bad enough, but snoring is just diabolical.

after a peaceful night of canoodling under the covers with arnold, ronald decides that it would be appropriate and enjoyable to allow arnold into his knickers.
this thought excites a sexually frustrated arnold, so when the time comes for sex, he is incredibly eager and prepared, equiped with the tastiest novelty condom and heavy duty earphones, they get down to it and ronald comes out feeling incredibly happy and sexed up.

this however, leads to a very whoreish tendancy, which spreads to the proud owners of the ipods.
the owners then proceed to mirror the careful steps of ronald and arnold, and results in rozz becoming heavily pregnant,
worrying, cameron also falls pregnant with a fifth child in the space of two weeks.

this is not a form of porn.
unless of course you are a very excitable ipod, in which case you should meet arnold.
or ronald.
both of them are slags ;)

i apologise if i have killed someone's fantasy of ronald and arnold actually being humans..
but in reality, they are simply incredibly horny ipods who have a fettish for.. well, eachother (Y)

dedicated to cameron..
an awesome guy, it has to be said (:


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  1. Ipod porn. A must for all sexually frustrated mp3s!! I loved this... totally messed up! But so fluffing funny!! ^_^


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