Monday, 25 May 2009

itunes you b*stard.

why, in the name of f*ck, does itunes, randomly decide, to be a complete and utter tw*at.
don't get me wrong, i am deeply in love with ronald. who unfortunately a product of apple, and is therefore forced to be tortured by the mass pile of dog turd that is in fact itunes.

there i am, at about 1am, happily listening to some fool singing about loving someone alot and i decide to go onto an application of mine, as the person i am texting has evidentally fallen asleep, and the effort it would take to be evil and repeatedly send them texts until they woke up again was just not going to happen.

as i was saying, sliding through the numerous screens on ronald, i press on the application i so desire to finger intently until sleep decides to save me from steve jobs' appallinng work of the apple firm. awaiting the loading of sudoku, i am aware that may be seen as sad, but in my current state, i really don't give a f*ck.
shocked was i, when it failed to s*dding load.
however, as it had happened before, i thought fine, it just means i'll have to reset the whole thing tomorrow but merh.

so i was finally consumed by sleep and drifted off, having lovely dreams of smurfs and sun flowers.

and here i am.
on my third s*dding attempt at restoring ronald.
as itunes seems incapable of syncing all my previous music, despite the fact that it's all in the music library you f*cktard.
instead of the 800 + songs i am used to, i now get lumped with 204.
what the hell am i going to do with a mere 204 songs ?
it's just disgraceful.

and in addition to the poor amount of songs i now apparently have, itunes seems intent with p*ssing me off further, telling me every 5 cr*pping seconds, that it's apparently doing something. sadly whatever it's doing is much less that helpful, just p*ss irritating as it results in s*d all usefulness.
in all honestly mr steve jobs, you are a f*cktard and really need to get the hint that your software, SUCKS. if you ever find yourself in a position where you are being repeatedly smashed over the head with a tin of heinz baked beans by a crazed woman, that woman will be me, as i refuse to accept that you are a bloke with any idea of how sh*t your work is.

on a happier note, ronald is a very good piece of technology.
he is just ashamed that he was created by you and your perverted tendancies to f*ck the majority of the itunes - using world off.

please let me know if you can summen the energy to apologise to us all.
regards you f*cktard


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