Monday, 25 May 2009

ahh summer.

this is how summer should be,
cloudless blue sky, bright shining yellow blob, or the sun if you have intellegance (:
a wonderful bottle of pear cider, massive sunglasses, and a ball of E numbers that refuses to shrink (:
sadly i can hardly see the screen of my laptop, therefore this will probably be full of spelling mistakes, but merhhh (: get over it you grammar freaks, of which i include myself so y'know, hypocritical thoughts hereee
anyway, back to the shock of witnessing a sunny day in England. usually the British summer constists of rain, clouds, rain, sleet, rain, hail, and possibly a tad more rain. gets a bit tiresome i seem to find.

ohh s*d.. i must attempt to hide the pear cider much more successfully than what i am achieving
merely because i decided to take the bottle cause i fancied some and my mother may go ape if she finds its gone.
parents are such a responsibility !
so other than the mission it is to concele the alcohol from my mum, and the fact that i look like a bug with the shades, in other news, i have finally reached a bluey layer in my gobstopper, however not much of the sugar hass in fact been eroded, and therefore it is still a b*tch to try and suck.
gutted, absolutely gutted.

i am also being bombarded with texts from a friend complaining about having a strange encounter with her boyfriend.,.
so basically, she complains when she doesn't have one, then when she does have one, she continues to complain :|
how is any of that supposed to make sense ?!
i mean good lord, i don't have a boyfriend right now, and at least i don't feel the need to grumble about it,
it's just nice to be able to go out and think, "phwoarrr, i would" and not have to feel guilty about having an other half !
obviously that isn't always the case..
sometimes, you just think, "urgh, i mean, who would :|" eg, if you saw thomas roe.. but then again he has a fettish for Stefaniak babes that is irrisistable, however the amount of salivation that would occur.. urgh, i feel quite ill ):

ohh i feel so cosmopolitan (:
the orgasmic glasses, the denim shorts, the laptop and the agony aunt status among friends..
what more can you want ?!

puddle of mudd - blurry.

ohh dear lord, my laptop just has to die at the moment i don't want it to, they should make laptop batteries last longer really. i mean c'mon, i can't help lobbing so much cr*p on it that it dies withing half an hour if it's not attatched to the mains, it's pitiful, pitiful i tell you !

however, i must leave you and enter back into the world of chocolate muffins, ronald, and flip flops that are driving me mad (: ohh i love you all
happy reading (Y)


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  1. Phaahhaaaaaaaaaaa
    Stefaniak babes rocks my wholey black ankle socks... salivating over Mr Roe.. YUMMY!!
    Your blogs make me giggle soo bad


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