Tuesday, 26 May 2009


webcam has come as a revolution to the modern world,
amazing as it is that you can now see people who are thousands of miles away.. never ceases to enthrall.. ha.

although some people may see it as a boom, there are incredible downsides to it..
ones i found out at the tender age of 14
i'm sure i'm psychologically scarred for life because of some testosterone fuelled fool who decided to whack his c*ck out on msn, when i was distracted.
comes as a tad of a shock when you look up from writing utter b*llocks for history coursework to find some idiot has decided to throw away any decency and start w*nking on cam, thinking that you will enjoy it completely.

however, as many men have yet to realise, a penis, is really not overly attractive.
fair enough, if you're horny, go ahead, sort it out.. but in PRIVATE you buffoons.
if you find yourself having a desperate urge to show people, for the love of god, become a porn star.
or a gimp.

but please spare us poor, innocent people from mental damage, and loss of decent eyesight..
just one glimpse by accident and you're blinded momentarily.

there are of course those, rather fairly disturbed girls, who also think it's attractive to whack things out on cam, well for the life of me, i do not want to know.
i am really very content being straight, and therefore really do not need to know what kinda of derranged goings on occur with unhinged sex manics over webcam, but from what i've heard from James, it can be incredibly worrying and entirely unpleasant.
as he says, "there are porn sights for that kinda thing."
i utterly agree to be frank (:

it's also incredibly disturbing when you sign into msn and then you're looking through facebook or whatever, and you see someone's talking to you, starts off as normal conversation.. "hello how are you.." etc
then after a few lines of general chat, you just get "i'm horny, want to see my cock ?"
before then you were thinking they were relatively sane and kinda nice to talk to, you get to that point and you just think, "shit. i'm talking to a sex mad perverted a*sehole."
at which point you block and delete the idiot and pray to God to give them a few braincells and a reduction of testosterone.

ahh, the inovation of webcam eh ?
i shall now stop ranting and return next time with the possibility of alchy goings on (:


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  1. I'm horny. Fancy a cyber shag? ;)
    Hehe, your many internet lovers amuse me soo much. And they amuse me soo much more when you turn them into a blog :D


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