Tuesday, 26 May 2009

technological joys.

ohh technology
aren't we such a lucky generation to feel the full wrath of the like of bill gates, steve jobs (b*stard) and richard branson.
we have the joys of such things as texting, email, im, voicemail..
so many different ways to get so shocking disturbed my randomers :D

don't get me wrong, i love taking full advantage of being able to text someone on the move to organise something or general chat if i'm bored brain dead, but i get seriously worried, and a tad irritated when recieving random messages such as
"i want to shag you babe"
from an unknown number, personally, i don't care if you want to shag me lovey, i don't know who you are, and quite frankly, i think you're unhinged and very disturbed..

there is also the chance that you recieve messages in text talk, which drives me absolutely round the frigging bend.
"hey, ows u ? wuu2 ? u cumin bk 2 town bbe ? luv u bbe x tb x"
i mean seriously, have you people not heard of english ?!
fair enough, if you're in a rush, that's an acceptable excuse, but still, it's appalling, and words like LMAO and PMSL i had no idea what in satans knickers they meant until i asked someone fluent in text language. when i first read ROFL i thought it was some unsightly disease..

you also get the stalker on text..
the one that's constantly telling you that they "love" you, possibly because they can't pull anyone in person, but also because they just have a fettish for your face.
there's those stalkers, and then the mentally unhinged ones that go paranoid about how many kisses you put at the end of each message, put one less than before and hell breaks loose.
for example.

S "how are you baby ? love you xxxxx"

R "fine thanks, yourself bab ? xxxx"

S "good, i'm alright thanks, you up to much ? (: xxxxx"

R "good (: nah, not really, you ? xxx"

S "oh, not really, just thinking, you don't like me do you.. ? xxxx"

R "huh ? of course i like you.. why do you say i don't ? :S xxx"

S "you never put that many kisses anymore, or say love you.. xx

i mean, can you be seriously saying, that just because i put a few less kisses, it means i don't like you ?!
ah the fun of texting :D it makes things so much interesting when "x"s come into play..
ohh my brain does enjoy a good ramble of the various ways people can communicate, especially when there are so many different methods of being rejected by technology..
email, im, phone, voicemail, text, etc. it's fantastic how stressed you can become about hearing from a person, and then the fear of giving the wrong person the message..
ringing the wrong number and not realising, or texting the wrong person.. especially when your judgement is impeded by alcohol, that one's always interesting !
i was once told by a wise friend never to keep an exs number and consider texting them when you're off your face, apparently it can have disasterous consequences..

however, i think this whore has been allowed to ramble for long enough
phew, my brain really does know how to talk cr*p (:


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