Sunday, 24 May 2009

ronald needs attention.

what in the name of satans many wizards, is the point of earphones that break stupidly easily :|
if i wanted crap, i would have gone to wilkos.
i would
not have wasted many moneys on a pair from currys. which is as expensive as sh*t.
its insane ! for the love of Stefaniak babes' (good lord i shall miss her and her Hitler wanton) insane hair do,
make a set of earphones that can live up to the rough sex life of Ronald you bunch of ear sex sadists. :|
goood lord its like a load of old people designing them, they dont want us young people with lives and decent hearing listening to good music, just because Gorden s*dding Brown cant be bothered to get off his fat backside and give them hearing aids :|
they have to make do with a big grammar phone horn type thing.

pahaaaa. Gorden Brown
trying to smile, frigging hilariousss i tell you (:

mm, ronald baby, move meee (:
well he would if i had some f*cking earphones to listen to him :|
instead of trying to make do with a left one...

anywayy (: chris brown -
ohh i love this song, i fear i am growing attatched, only by the lug hole, but still.. attachment non the less (:

i am growing tired of the earphone polava.. time for a change methinks (:
pointless conversations on msn..

the witless ding bat / chav that can only use words such as
"LOL." or, "ASL." i mean honestly, if the screen name is Sharon, say, and the display picture is of a GIRL do you honestly feel the need to ask what s*dding gendre she is you f*ck tard !?!
grow a pair numb nuts (:
hang on.. i think thats directed at my ex.. urgh, get out of my head you noooooob.
you have no such thing as a brain outside sex, i mean c'mon, who else is sad enough to stay up purposely to watch stuff to learn more about sex ?!
t*sspots, thats who.. ahh Rozz you have been a fool my lovely (:

anywayy, i shall now stop rambling as i fear my thoughts have trickled down to my fingers and they are fully caffinated from Starbucks and vanilla coffee, from which my bl*ody caffitiere broke,
again a tad miffed i was >.<

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  1. Ahaaaa - Roz your rantings make me giggle a wee bit ^_^
    Lets correct that...
    Your rantings make me giggle until I wee!
    Lub you my brothel lubber


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