Sunday, 14 June 2009

addicted. ?

loverly coffeee
addictive coffee
orgasmic coffeeeeeee

woww, this way of writing is weird :|

anywayy, yes.
this is the morning after i consumed 7 cups of coffee in a day (:
it was goooood
apart from the fact that i could have set up camp in the loo.
failing that, attatched my funnel and bucket 60 years in advance...
but yeah

i have discovered that i can drink far more than a mere 7 cups
so one day soon, i plan to find out how many i can consume without passing out :D
or end up with a total bitch of a migraine.
last time i had one of those i had to go to hospital ):
urgh, unpleasant memories. although the doctor was a fitty

ohh dear, my room looks slightly like an alcoholics..
i'm not an alchy myself..
but pear cider bottles littered around the place with the addition of a carva bottle make excellent paint brush holders :D
and candle holders actually, well, if i manage to find any candles that are appropriate anyway..
i have run out of inspirational steam i am sad to admit ):
so i shall leave you with the thought of a french orgasm while consuming coffee

oui ouii OUIIII



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