Sunday, 9 August 2009

blah blahhh, hit me with music ;D

Dum di dum dooby da dayyy.

Feeling happy ? I reckon so (': it has been a while. Hang on, no. That sounds relatively depressing which I'm not particuarly liking to be frank. But oui, I am rather happy right noww, it works for me is all I can say. Yoga outside and screaming at random bugs and flies that pounce on me while my buttocks is suspended in mid air as I'm struggling to breathe. Haaaa, no one can say yoga is useless. It might prove a very effective method for suicide.

Ha, talking of suicide, myself and Sam were debating August 27th. The day national rail will remember as the mass slaughter of teenagers on the Hinckley and Bosworth country rail tracks. Yarp, the 27th being the inevitable results day for GCSE. Granted it's not the end of the world if the majority fail epicly, most of them are dropping out and either turning to on going drug addiction or prostitution ;D failing that, college, or are returning to the hideous JC for 6th form. The smart ones like Daaiissss are going to Lutterworth 6th form. Appalling tart. Anyway, I think it was fate that decided to place the train tracks along side a place of "education" where most will be utterly depressed or be facing slaughter when they return home from recieving results. Instead of being killed at home, they commit suicide ! Sound like a plan much ?

Mmm, Nickelback - Never gonna be alone. 'Tis good stuff I tells you. In fact I'm really getting into the whole indie scene lately, I guess it hopes that most of my friends listen to stuff like that. But it's partly due to the fear that I'm going to turn into my brother who, after my haircut, now has longer hair than me :| yes, he looks like Jesus. Anyway, I just don't want to turn into an Iron Maiden type person. He's put me off.

And I've just realised I can't, for the life of me, remember where I put my phone.. Bugger.

Hmm, I'm not sure about Kasabian actually. It seems really mainstream and confused.. Maybe that's just me. HA ! Oh, and I was wrong. I just found my phone underneath my leg. Shows how observant I am at 12:32am. Then again I have been on a treck round Burbage woods with Sam and done alot of yoga, and done manic jumping when Daisy told me she was bringing her tarty self round mine tomorrow 'cause she's BAAAACCKKKKKK xD

Yep. I'm happy alright ^.^

Annnddd things with Joshua are alot better, thank God (': and on the 17th Cameron McD-B should be coming to seee meeeeeee (': AND I go to London on the 18th. Hopefully it's going to be good, I'm going to give being more cooprative a whirl. I mean I try, but being the more calm(ish) and urm.. healthy ? Rozz, I think I should try, for my mom's sake if nothing else. It IS her best friends and I should be more grateful :\

I feel so diplomatic ! Maybe MP's should take up yoga.. and belief in Karma (':

I'm also being more sensible with my money, AND I might be able to get a darn job soon ! I really hope I can get it actually. I don't particuarly care what I have to do, apart from whore myself out or do something completely disgusting, but I neeed money ! I have too much to get for 6th form, for my own good, and simply because I want things. Hello selfishnesss (':

Having said that, my dogs now love me (': possibly because I walked them round the field like 5 times the other day, and when it was wet I lobbed towels on them and took amusing photos, (see right.) and because I brushed and played with them. Actually, I found out that Fergus Foo Foo, or Foofs as I now call him, refuses to walk through water. What a girl ^.^

Oh but I do love the fools (':

Btw, you may have noticed I've asked a homie of mine to put a photo of a pedestrians sign up. That would be because it's incredibly indecisive, I found it amusing, I walked past it about 15 times before I actually took a photo of it, and I felt a total pillock stopping in the middle of the road with cars all around to take it. Gah, who cares ?!

Sleeeep wants me. Or rather Joshua and Cameron McD-B want to talk to me (':



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