Wednesday, 24 February 2010

I'm a tad of a prick.

I'm calling myself a dick and it's the second post in a day. Things are wrong. Or weird, or different, or basically I'm not feeling too chirpy. Sorry guysss :/

Where do I start sweet cheeks? Ahh, lets do this thing in order (;

Dearest Sebastain was online, soooo being the nosey git I am and actually wanting to figure out the whole poem fandango I risked using Facebook chat to ask him. (I really spend FAR too much of my time on Facebook these days, usually joining groups which I join.. then never look at again in my life. Unless they're effing hilarious.) But yeah, asked about the poem.. annddd he said that he still likes me. Pretty much. And misses me etc, all that I thought.. FOR ONCE I WAS RIGHT! 
Right about one thing tonight, totally misread the other.
Soooo, I was like okay then, sound as a pound. So I like hearing that guys like me! What's the issue?! Urgh. But yeah, I like knowing he still likes me.. I was infactuated with him for ages..


About the other guy, WHOA BOY was I wrong :| seriously mistaken there.. Lets move on and forget I ever thought anything like that. I'll live (: Hopefully anyway..


Was on webcam to Charlessssssss (; and decided I looked so shit this was necessary..

Or majorly retarded.. possibly the latter (;

Hope things are gonna be okay with my chum.. I hate being such a prick to screw things up all the sodding time. I NEED HELP. 
Noooo, I know what I need.. Mmmmm. That would do the job (':



  1. Been trying to make up for all the posts I missed!!! And it's always nice to have someone like you, it's even better to know you were right about it

  2. Exactly!
    Being liked is actually rahter nice when I have next to no smegging confidence. Urghh, ah well (: things will work themselves out!


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