Monday, 22 February 2010

i didn't expect that one..

Howdy kid. Last week has been ridiculously confusing, and I miss it.. Not the confusion, I don't tend to like confusion outside of education as well as in it.

But yeah, whole pal thing sorted.. ish. Sometimes I love my friends more than they think (': my special retards. SI?!

Lorna pointed out something fairly important actually, has a pretty good point it's just how to say anything without putting my foot in it.. Subtlety really isn't my speciality :/ blunt as a brick is more my style (':

But blah, that's old..ish news from Wednesday/Sunday.

LATER on Sunday, I fell upon something rather odd. It's nice odd, but still uber confusing again! I'm sure people go out of their way to confuse me these days (;

Oh hang on.. my gum's kinda swollen. Grr.

But yes, Facebook is the worse place to shove things sometimes, especially when bruised exs stumble upon certain things. Not that I'm still infactuated with him, that ended a long, long LONG time ago thank God, if I was still pining over him I don't think I would have bothered doing anything on Wednesday. Either way, the ex has written a poem, I think it's about me, what d'you think?


These words are so unclear, but I can't help but write them down.
I've said so many things and done so much I shouldn't.
But I can't go back on them now..
What they call reality is just like a dream and my dreams just feel so real.
These feelings I have can't and won't go, so I just live with them in fear.
This beast in my heart just wants to break loose and rampage,
But I keep it caged in my heart because I don't want it to harm my loved ones.
The thing I had that made me so happy, I said goodbye to long ago.
What is left is nothingness in my heart.
I called her my Rozyroo, my love. But these things called miles keep us apart, or is it just me being a coward, a fool that just drover her away..
I am a fool I say, and that cliff 5 minutes away seems to call louder every time.
I want to leave reality and live in my dreams but I'm still too much of a coward to even do that.
This is the truth, I can't deny it, should I go to the cliff edge and let that small breeze knock me off.
And finally fly in the sky and crash and burn like the rest of the world.
So I leave it up to you, the ones who read this poem to answer.
Should I leave or stay in this world, because I just don't know..

And yes, I'm Rozyroo.. it's what he used to call me (:

Larvv ;)

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