Thursday, 25 February 2010

drip drop drap?

Woke up to a really nice text (': made my day start well :'D

And so another day passes me by.. Another day closer to the weekend where I don't have to prise myself out of bed before sunrise (': that thought makes me ridiculously happy!
Grah, internet's playing up however. Nothing new there, it likes to have hissy fits on a regular occasion.. y'see it gets bad PMT and decides that it hates me, then it loves me, then it cba to work live. And for some reason my camera and my laptop are going through a rough patch in their marriage, silly thaaaangs.

Today was a good day (': a very good day actually :D. Critical first was about the only blip for once! Actually I don't think it was that bad.. ended up playing hang man and drawing crap. Apparently I'm going to be a monkey when I'm re-born? You can looksee.. 

Well you could if my internet wasn't being stroppy ;) It's not that interesting either tbh. Eiither way, I had a good morning :D finished English lit early 'cause the teacher was about as awake as the rest of us. So utterly whacked.

Costaaaaa at break/3rd period with LornaaaaGay. I have to love that retard.. for it is written among the stars..! Or not. She's an oddball just like me. It's how we roll babes (;
History wasn't too bad either. Usually Townsend's lessons consist of me being ridiculously sarcastic because the poor dear can't teach for crap and any foreign policy stuff we have to learn and is taught by her is NEVER understood. 
Lunch gave me a warm bum (; bloody love radiators at school. Critical thinking sucks peni, but the radiators in A10 are the sex. They never turn off unless you flick the switch! Larvely warm blast through the lesson.

But best.. Lunch form was just funny. Not actually sure why but it sure as hell was. THEN chemistry made my day. Utterly made it (':
Before half term we'd started fermenting glucose to make the delicious substance called ALCOHOL :'D well, technically ethanol. Anndd today we got to sniff them, drink them, and test to see if we had actually made ethanol. Which meant playing about with potassium permanganate and similar deathly crap (': we were told it stains stuff brown. Utterly suicidal to tell us. Certain cretins came out the lesson with distincly brown fingers (': Zoe was worried I was going to blow something up. Such little faith! Only because we had two different solutions of potassium and crap and I wanted to mix them.. I did and it failed. Nothing happened )': bitterly disappointed.


I felt all artistic and photographic when I got home, and seeing as you wonderful people have yet to see my €6 fake zippo from Barcelona, I took some pretty photos for you (':
Enjoy! If they load anyway..

My Starbucks baby (':

My zippo! (':
Cba to upload the other one, it's a tad crap anyway to be fraaaank. Anyway, I should go and drink coffee and watch my beloved Bad Boys 2. 

Laters my darlings (':

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