Wednesday, 24 February 2010

I fail at chem (;

Oh my word. I think I've just witnessed a miracle :| my dog was barking at something inanimate outside the window and I cba with noise so I got him to get down from the sofa. And he stayed down... AND.. He looked at me to make sure it was okay for him to go back up (':

Mother nature's a babe.

Weeeell, I've failed organic chemistry :'D I would have done alright.. maybe. If I hadn't forgotten the tiny fact that with alkenes there's a double bloody bond between two carbons. I could'a cried :|. Having said that, it wasn't a proper test, but it's kinda disheartning when you realise you're a failure. Booooo. Got the proper end of module in two weeks, that includes Smith's stuff about Hess's law. And none of you actually care about it (;

I really lost the will to breathe and do any manner of processes required to live last period in English lit doing poetry. Poetry's just really not my thing but heyhooo. 

Whoa Joey's dance is fit (; 

Shame he has the personality of an egg :'D
I do love Facebook for the best and most retarded groups (': the group was actually called "you're fit.. but you have the personality of an egg" but one of the best has to be, "oi slag! the oompa loompa's want their face paint back" (;

Stupid things make me giggle! 

Walking my dogs in the rain was interesting.. typical the same time I decide to walk the dogs round the field it starts raining. Buttt, I did get to dance like a cool person with a brolly but not leaping in puddles cause my stupid welligogs have holes in them. Well one does.. I'm just not sure which flipping one it was. Buggeratiooonn.

Ah got'a love jammies (':

So tired from last night, stayed up texting for a bit, then they fell asleep and I wasn't sure if they had or not so I stayed up waiting.. Only for 10 minutes though, I'm too lazy to wait for longer for some text (; I like waking up to nice texts. Makes me smiiiiiiiile. 
AHA! I have a theory! Maybe Sylvia Plath was ridiculously depressed for like, ALL her life because she didn't live when they had mobiles phones, so couldn't wake up to nice texts! So she decided to hate everything that could do Mrs Nerg, write horrible poetry for poor 6th formers to analyse 40 years later.. Or whenever the daft woman died. It's just so depressing reading her stuff.

AND on the way home! Drivers hate tractors. Pedestrians hate chavs. 
Do you want to walk ANY slower?! Seriously, did you just PLAN to walk in front of me and slow me down when I'm just about unconscious and I want to go homeeeeeee? 

I got home though (': s'all good. Chem homework to finish soooooon, and history, but that's only for Townsend so it can slide. Costa tomorrow 4th in my freeee :D SI!!

Anyway, I must dash, Chandler is my babe (':
Larv' to my homiesss

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