Friday, 26 February 2010

I'll be there for you..

Friends is simply amazing y'know (': it makes my life much more fun thinking that one day, I could have a life like that. Not that I'm sad or anything..
And I'd rather have it set in London rather than New York, cause although New York would be epic, the constant American accent would just pee me off eventually I think. But snow.. at christmas? That would be simply amazing (': But in London, you get everything. Such as Camden, the underground and.. stuff. YEAH :D

Urghhh, I've felt weird all day. My stomach doesn't wanna play ball )':

Today's been odd. Had a chem exam type thing first, it wasn't exactly an exam but it was the write up to the practical. Turned out my results for the anhydrous experiment was totally foooked. :'D bloody typical really. Then my graph for the hydrogenated copper sulphate was utterly messed up! I'm really not too sure what I did to be frankk. But my calculations all worked: SCORE! (:
Then utterly failed the biology test thing second but that's no loss. Had to giggle at Bromley going insane over the speakers for the projector thing, it kept having a fit and crackling (': oh her face when it wouldn't stop (: 
Ended up with a free 3rd 'cause the darling Stefaniak was watching Hitler on trial.. Sadly the badger haired lady came back for last so I had to attempt to work. Just so glad that she finished early so me and Nick could run home and talk about uni.. we're both looking forward to getting away from Hinckley (':
4th blew. English Lit with poetry just never makes me too cheery. Blahh (:

BUT! It's the weekend, I'm home, I've eaten far too much crap, I have leapord print tights on (please don't ask) and the prospectus for Kent uni has FINALLY arrived :D
PLUS! Tomorrow I'm gonna be pigging out on costa, getting a hair cutt (': and hopefully getting some stuff so I can hear out of my right ear (': getting a tad peed that I can't sleep on my right side atm 'cause if I do then I'm deaf for the rest of the day. 

Soooo, DADEEE!

Oh afternoon registration was jokes (; Our form tutor's god awful at getting to D17 on time and the doors always locked so we hang about on the BSU landing until he can be arsed to drag himself up the stairs. Before we had the paddle.. then some main schooler shoved the paddle in a toilet and the paddle got put into a home. Today we had a chair. Not just any chair, a broken chair. We only found out it was broken when we decided to carry the thing downstairs for shits and giggles, I was holding the bottom and the seat kinda fell off the metal support bit. We are pathetically childish (; burst into laughter then dropped the chair and ran when Emmet came up the stairs :'D and the BSU guy thought we were weird. He doesn't know any of it (':

Ohhh you can get utterly screwed noob. "things are finally all getting okay" fuck you! Not that I'm mean or anything.. Maybe I'm just malicious?

Forgot to mention yesterday that I've rediscovered The Cardigans (; completely forgot how good they were (': My favourite game and erase and rewind. Utterly epic songs I tell you kid :D

Riiight, I reckon I've talked enough crap already, dinosaur guy's being asked to dance (':
Drivvle later children (:

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