Monday, 1 March 2010

c'etait interesant

Okay so my GCSE french fails me, but having said that.. I STILL GOT A GCSE IN IT!
All be it a C, but the fact still stands I can just about understand/talk in a foreign language (': either way.. Interesting weekend! Pretty darn good weekend actually (:


Someone hasn't been able to talk to me cause someone else would go in a hissy fit, handbags would fly and I would come out fairly bruised but bleh, no longer too bothered to be fraaaaank. Onnn Saturday I got a haircut, to me my hair looks ridiculoulsy short, but that could be because it's been fairly long for ages, but I like it (: it looks damn gooood (; and WHY the eff is there moisuriser and crap for guys? Seriously... Loreal is such an odd company. Blah, met up with Arch, stocked up on costa.. SO GOOD. Ambled about Hinckley, pahaaaa, she fell over on the way to meet me, and my god did I find it amusing (': managed to convert her to my hairdressers, purchased a pair'a nerd glasses (; anndd.. talked. Lotsssss. Sound as a pound kid.
ALSO got invited to Cameron and Anna's birthday shindig, I HAVE PLANS THIS WEEKEND! Makes a bloody change for me (': a very good change :D. Alsooo on Saturday, Sebastian decided to ring me, not too sure why. I think boredom took over and I was too good to resist? (; Whatever the reason we were talking for a good few hours, to be honessttt I really liked it, really nice talking to him again justtt.. MISS HIM! Argh, might try and meet up with him in Summer or something as well (:

Oooo, got some gorgeous new red nail varnish as well (; it's beautiiiiiful!

Sunday was ridiculously laaazy, and kinda dull after a while. I mean I'm all for the sleeping in till early afternoon then just hanging in jammies, films and overeating on crap but I felt kinda trampish after a while. Talking to Seb 'till the early hours of the morning kinda knackered me a tad. Sooo yeah, sleeping, films, eating and accidentally burning myself on lighters/candles. Whoooooosaaaaa.

Today was actually kinda good though (': got a lie in as well.. Okay, so waking up at 8 instead of 7 isn't the biggest lie in, but my free first still made sure I had a niiiice little snoooze (': Then chem first was gooood, have to love Camerzz, Ian and Scott (: they make chemistry amusing. History was kinda crappy, but only because Townsend dignes to give us huge articles to trawl through and makes your eyes go funny and you kinda give up on sanity and start laughing at Swedes being shot in the foot.. Literally (':
Biology was just Fraine taking the pisss out of my old form tutor.. quite a porky fellow, all about balanced diets. I.e. "Fenny's idea of a balanced diet: a burger in each hand" (': oh t'was larks. 
English Lit fails at life, I just get ridiculously sleepy.

Walked home with Lorna and Ben, bloody chav in front was going for gold to give us lung cancer and bare his arse to the world. What people don't understand when I purposely talk loudly is that I want the person to hear me because I don't care what they think, and frankly it would do them good to take heed of what I'm saying! Frankly I don't want to see some guys backside when he's barely reached puberty or inhale smoke that him or his 7year old "girlfriend" has expelled from his/her/its mouth. Urghhh, then they turned off and our primary entertainment was gone )':

I LOVE MY STARBUCKS MUG! And my coffee.. blatessss (':

I'm going to leave you guys with one last thought.. 
How the eff d'you write "Roz" in Chinese?


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