Tuesday, 16 March 2010

last night...

Y'see, last night my internet failed me.. Again. But I found hilarity in my sleepy state at midnight.. again :'D and tapped this up. Sorry if it's a tad shite and all, but I was tired and so on.. Enjoy!  Oh, I'll try and write another post later as well, but I seem to have aquired revision for a bloody biology test later. Grr. LARV'!


Ah yes, this is the lovely, typical process of mine for going to bed when one has a free period the next day:
Sign out of facebook, close facebook. Sign out of msn, turn off laptop. Go brush teeth, choke on toothpaste and swallow most of it and so forth. Get back into bed, whack on the ipod, Avril Lavigne (': and turn laptop back on due to sudden hilarious inspiration..

 Y'see babesss, this date thing on Friday is starting to irritate me. Well the fact a guy finds me attractive really isn't, in fact it's a pleasant change. The fact that the guy is turning out to be a tad of a tosser.. is. I'm pretty sure he has about enough brains to cover a small water biscuit. BLAH! Doesn't seem to understand the concept of a complex girl who is aware of more than just being the owner of a vagina, I'm well aware of that small hindrance thanks, but I'm also the proud owner of a cactus. Urghhh, you lack wit and understanding dear fellow. I'm fully enjoying the fact that my friends have already judged him and have colcluded with that of status, "utter knob." Gracias palsss. You guys make my life worth living and I'm really not kidding (':

I did get a tad despairing and frustrated earlier in the midst of biology homework which I'd completely forgotten about. It was all to do with AIDS/HIV, TB and Malaria. After a while those three seem to mould into one and become increasingly tedious. The teacher, coincidentally the head of my 6ht form, is going to hate me when she reads the answers. I got so fed up I morphed into peed off, tired, sarcastic yet brilliantly witty student and began answering with such things as: "they don't know how condoms work so we have to make diagrams." OH and a personal favourite of mine, Q: "How can the malaria cycle be interrupted?" A: "Someone got peed off with all the mosquitoes and decided to massacre them all with a lighter. Then the bloke got attacked by pissed mosquitoes, but then they all died because he gave them AIDS. Sucks to be him.."

Yes, I'm brilliant (':

I'm afraid my patience has run out with biology. I don't care for it and since achieving a U for the first module, I don't feel particuarly inclined to start caring. Wrong attitude but who's about to notice?
Ah dear, roll on uni!!

I'm going to depart to bedfordshire to make hot, passionate, sweet, flourishing love with history to plant the seeds of knowledge deep within my loins.


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