Tuesday, 30 March 2010

ginga addiction

Today i braved British weather once more and leapt cheerfully into the dump that is Hinckley. I had a fairly big incentive though, that in the form of a delicious gingabread latte from costa with the larvely Nicholasss. History geeks, ftw. Maybe make a living by writing down the ridiculous conversations we have? 
Sounds like a plan Stalin.
Me and mom bought a door stop thing in the shape of a dog. Damn cute.

I wanted to call it Hitler but mom objected.

We called it Stalin instead (':

OH! My wonderful mom also bought me a plastic duck thing for my 17th. I never had a rubber duck as a child. Because my brother was 3 years older than me, i always had creepy monster things and toys that was elastic as a slag's minge.
They were scary when i was 5. You'd be scared too if you saw the horrific things we owned.

The duck mom get me is a pervy duck though. They eyes always look at you. Especially if your sitting starkers in the bath, it just looks at you. Leering. It's a little leering pervy duck (;

Aren't rubber ducks sexehhh? (;

Charles is going to LONDON!! Tomorrow anyway. First time for her, bless her. She's a virgin to London (': 
Hope you have fun retarrrddd!

My brother decided to walk in on my getting dressed this morning and stood talking to me when i was in bra and knickers for 20 minutes. Thanksss pal. My brother's weird. Thank the lord he's still at uni when i escape this town!

When i'm bored i scare myself. Lets just leave it at that eh? (;

Na'niiight sweet cheeks (: 


  1. LOL. OMG such cute duckiesss. Made my day :D

  2. it's not that i notice odd things about toy ducks of course (':


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