Sunday, 28 March 2010

too short

For once i'm not referring to the fact that i'm far below the average height for my age and women. In England, being 5ft 3" means i'm looked down on alot. Sometimes intentionally i suppose, sometimes, it's the only way people can see me (':
Being small can be cute, it can make me feel insignificant against a huge world. It's nice. Frankly i'd rather be smaller than bigger (: well, skinnier as well as podgier. Damn i need to get rid of my cake shelves! Having said that, being in bed and ill since yesterday afternoon might help me a tad.

But yeah, i was more going along the lines that life is too damn short. You don't think about stuff as a kid, life's a game, then as a teenager you hate so much, confined in education.. Then being an adult you want to be a teenager again. ARGH! As my mum said yesterday when she bought a new kettle: "life's too short to descale." I love that woman. (':

17 tomorrow. Eeeeeek! (:

Nothing arranged for it yet though. Meant to do it yesterday or friday but just felt utterly rotten! Booness eh? Last day of being 16 and i've spelt it all in bed (':

"i've got a backbone stronger than yours." sorry Charles, i stole your idea of putting quotes/lyrics on every post. I promise to buy you costa as a way of an apology? Having said that, if it's in Leicester then it has to be a Starbucks.

Cameron was texting me for most of today, it cheered me up bless hiiim (:

I feel rather summery shall we say (: I'm looking forward to escaping this place for summer! Go places, London's high on my list (; so's a road trip to the coast. Actually can't wait to see the sea again!

Spent all day in bed (: Feel so much better than yesterday :'D

I'm looking forward to messages tomorrow (': that's a huge hint if ever there was one. Still need to decide what i want tomorrow! I'm rather a last minute girl (:

Tattybye sweet sixteen (':


  1. Happy birthday to you .. happy birthday to you , happy birthday dear rozboz mcfannyous - happy birthday to you ! xx

    Have a kick ass seventeenth and eat lots of cake.
    This is YOUR day, do whatever the hell you want and I mean whatever the hell you want. :)
    Lots of love,
    Dishi :)

    Hope you have a GRRREAT one! :D
    - Love, Koo

  4. Thank you everyone! :D
    Love to yo ALLLLLL (': xx


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