Monday, 8 March 2010

to Charles Peniston:

I facking love you you darling onion (':

Now you see, today hasn't been great. But after talking to my favourite retards, I have to say. I've entered a delirious state and no longer give a shit :D. SO. English 9th hour was a complete and utter waste of fucking time. God the woman that effectively babysits us is unremisably stroppy.. and her make up's about an inch thick and shhiiiiinnyyy. People who have her say she's crap and apparently she's been put under observation 'cause there's been so many complaints ;D

History was gooood actually, Jake is such a baaaaabe! Well. A strange one, but he makes history fun with the ginga power. I'm tempted to call some child of mine Boris. If it's a girl it can be Alexandrea Boris Peniston. I think that name completely kicks asssss (;

I got to go to Costaaaaaa! Gingabread latte POWER. Minus the fact I spilled half of it on my glove, annnddd then I decided on the way back to JC that Alexandrea Boris can be permanently high on caffeine :'D I'll give any child of mine coffee from infancy (': 
Biology blew. Lorna had the weekend from the deepest depths of hell bless her )': I thought my weekend was bloody brilliant frankly (': AND I got the Hangover. God the beardy bloke's a complete oddball but I effing love him! Goooood times. See, usually to cheer me up, I'd watch Bad Boys 2 but I can't really be arsed with that tonight, so I've opted for the Hangover (':

I did actually write a post earlier, but that was when I was unbelievably pissed off. Jeeeeeesus. I really have to include this line just as a last thing even though this post has been horribly short )':
But I loved this line and was effin' good for me considering I'm really half asleep :D

For the love of all that is holy you sodding idiot. If you don't like what you read, there's a fairly simple answer: don't read the fucking thing you bloody cretin :|

Sortedddd. I love the hilarity of my brain sometimes, it's just comedic :'D

I must go, I can't tune a guitar or pass A levels, so working in Asda is the answer! I love you Charles Peniston (; and more importantly... ARCHIBOLD YOU EFFING WEIRDO :'D


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