Friday, 12 March 2010

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Oh this brings back memories when I used to be a true insomniac and enjoyed staying up til 3am talking to strange oddballs on msn and generally being odd. But then again at GCSE you could do that! It was such bliss.. Such larks!

So how have we all been since the last time we joined hands and leapt into the flames of a frankly pathetic campfire? Anyone else had AS results? Or in fact any horrific exam results?

I have. Eeeek.
Actually they're not as bad as I was anticipating, i.e. straight U's with perhaps the odd kind E stuck in there by accident. Managed to get a B in chemistry, my god I was shocked, only 7 marks off an A as well! :D Also got a B in history.. 6 cocking marks off an A :| That might seem like a good mark but I felt like such a failure 'cause the other 5 in my history class all got A's :/ bad tiiiimes. I'm thinking I should ace P to the G in summer? Sounds like a plan Boris Plankatov or whatever the bloody name is. He's Russian. Need I say more? But siii, I do prefer this module, Russian history's interesting! Granted Peter the Great was more like Peter the Prick, but it's so much more intriguing than British history where the most thrilling character you get is some aggressive loner who liked cardboard. Thrilling old chum. Even in Germany you got the utterly fucked up Hitler and Himler or someone who was a cross dresser! 
Why can't we English tards have something like that?! Oh, my bad. We have the chav.
Urghhhh. Bring back Herod.

Other than chem and history, my results were frankly diabolical. Clitoral Torture: E (': scraped a pass in a subject that I end up painting my nails/doing homework/sleeping in, but got a disgraceful U in Biology.. Woops. I ended up laughing deliriously at that for about half an hour after I got it. My mother was not impressed however. 
Heyhooo noddy.

Me and mum had slight fisticuffs tonight actually, I say fisticuffs, it was more her telling me that unless I suddenly win the lottery or find some rich bloke who loves me so much he'll buy me anything and everything, I've got about as much chance of learning to drive and getting a car as the pope has of getting randy with some hoe. *sigh* shame huh?

Yesterday was actually a rather pleasantish day though.. Had first lesson of.. chem? Si. My memory fails (': then my history teacher was ill or skiving or just not there 2nd, didn't really fancy staying for biology 4th and "guidance" last seeing as we had no form tutor and I didn't have the energy to stay for ages 'cause I was half deaf after having ear drops on Tuesday night. One of the worst experience of my life. Ew. 
LARVELY stuff. Or not :/

I should actually be doing some history revision for a test tomorrow, but Bromerz ain't gonna be there (scoreee) so I'm planning to do revision in her lesson :'D my mind is just crammed with brilliance. And I can PASS CHEM!! I somehow managed to do fairly well on the end of module test that we got back today.. I'm still trying to fathom out how the heck I did better than people that have brains for science, and no, I didn't cheat! (':

I was one proud girl today.

In fact my brain's been doing pretty well this week, considering it's been fairly disasterous. Managed to be creative for several photography ideas and for the naming of some coursework, it's harder to name things than you may think! In fact it would be an idea to get that coursework done as soon as.. After results I'm planning on leaping on Daisy and stealing alcohol and some pizza or something equally as unhealthy (':

It's made me lol how so many people got U's and E's for results though, psychology results were atrocious and most people doing maths were suicidal. Already got my money ready for biology resit (':

Stumpsssss. It's a bit like spud (': I'm not too sure why but I've grown attached to the word "spud" sounds so.. spunky :'D get the sibilance babessss!

Ahaaaa, seeing as this is for the enjoyment of Charles, who'll nag for making it so effing long, I feel I must mention my drunken/drugged/delirious state on the way back.. and to costa 3rd actually. That's odd.. I'm thinking it was a mixture of results, thoughts of caffeine and relief at passing chem and history that brought on how I can be when I'm near drunk. I was kinda.. happy, but dispairing? Laughing at pretty much nothing and being disgracefully disgusting, even for me :|. Having said that, ordering a gingabread latte with Charlotte next to me was a mistake. Walked out of costa "I'd like a medium ginga please" Tarh lovely. Thanksss a fucking bunch (; love that freak.

Ahh, I keep hearing a screeching thing. It's odd. 
Oh dear lord, I was on msn late the other night, just checking something and Helen came on. Obviously it was her brother or someone, but seeing her msn up made me feel so freakin' weird :/. I do miss her tbh. It's been 4 months since she went, but still...

Ohh noes. My head's going weird, I must dash now otherwise I fear I'll black out :/
Boooooness! I like typing. Like I like paper (;


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