Thursday, 18 March 2010

time to trade i think.

Ah the beauty of my school being marginally retarded and having a parents evening type thing in the day meaning I got the day off effectively :'D I was planning on revising biology or getting coffee, or both in fact. So far I managed the coffee part.. biology revision has yet to surface :/

See, I thought today was going to be pretty darn good, wake up late, amble up to school to have an awkward conversation with Mr E for 10 minutes, hand in my resit form and either go to costa then home, orr just home for more sleep. Somehow managed to wake up early? And had one dream about having a new puppy.. kinda like Fergus only small and fluffy, and less smelling of poop. Then I had another dream where I was in some changing room/loo (god only knows what goes on in my head..) and i was trying something on, and this weird Thai woman just started peeing with her trousers on and stuff. It was weird. And reminded me of wandering round Barcelona at some point at night and some strange lady peeing in a doorway.. Oddness?

So yeah, odd dreams and woke up early. That wasn't wasted though! Got to watch The Hangover again (': and copied most of the Avril Lavigne albums onto my ipod :'D. Finally got out the house to walk to JC, saw a vacancy sign outside the petrol station up the road, then dithered around in front of it for a minute before throwing devil to the hindemost and going in. At which point the bloke said he wanted to sit down and talk about it, I half ran out 'cause I was gonna be late for the appointment with darling form tutor.

Wow.. my laptop screen's bloody dusty..

Ben Goodall text me before soo was going to meet him for Costa at 1. Basically swapped Friday for today, a date for a catch up, Mike for Ben, and a film for a coffee (': I'm thinking I made the right choice. I also exchanged brain cells for a big ear.. Then finally got back from that, Ben seems to get very into the old boooks (: not a bad thing at all, but I think I need to read the book he was on about to properly understand it.. 
Got the the petrol station up the road, bloke talked to me for 10 minutes, felt I should have asked more questions really, but what can you ask about petrol pumps? ;D

OH! And my plp thing, the report lied! Especially in critical thinking, "she's a wonderful, pleasant student and is a pleasure to have in class. She contributes good opinions in class.. etc." for god's sake man, I fall asleep in your lessons and create arguments for not doing the sodding subject. :| Guess he missed that bit?

Bleh, resit form in! Not really looking forward to the 8th of June or whenever it is, got 3 exams on that day now :/ booonesss.

Got home and mom had asked me to go talk to my dad when he got back from the hospital, sooo I did. I think he appreciates me making an effort.. But just got talked to about university and jobs etc. I don't mind it, but it was fairly cynical. I don't really have any realistic plans after university.. Maybe I should make some? Dumdideeeee, oh dear lord, if I had a friend like Ross I think I'd go insane! Kinda cute.. but so unbelievably daft y'know!

Anndd now I'm wasting time! Really should go for the biology revision... clearly I'm not. Friends ftw (':
Haaa, Mike's irritated the crap out of me, in fact, most of today's managed that since I walked out the house :/ sorry for being annoying. But yeah, just couldn't be bothered with him going along the lines of "gonna go to yours." No lovey. You're not. Grr.
And now someone else has got their knickers in a twist. BLEH! Just cba with it tonight. And Ben ate most my bloody cupcake! Which wasn't cheap I might add.. Just nabbed all the icing )': ah well. Got a huuuge gingabread latte though :'D.

Hmm, gonna go think for a bit (: and possibly learn some biology. Hahahaaaaaa, that's a joke. I can never understand biology!! 



  1. Haha! Biology has too much, a little too much to know. :\
    Lol the report. All my teachers say the SAAMEE thing :O

  2. i really don't understand a freakin' thing in it :| i should just be allowed to fluke a C. Nobody would know!!
    i'm sure the teachers just have a template thing that they alter only the name..


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