Saturday, 6 March 2010

cheeeeeeese gromit!

Boy I'm tired (': not shagged out of course, just generally whacked.

Barracuda does surprisingly good food, surprising because it's only really known for being a bar and not somewhere you'd go to eat food.. But yeah :'D t'was good to mingle with various people, good lord it was a mix but such a good mix! 
Funny that you could tell who was doing A level and who'd escaped to college by the energy levels. A level students were pretty much half asleep, unless like several were fairly smashed already (': ah bless 'em. 
Cameron and Anna were sorting out everyone's food bless them! I feel like the pope right now.. But yeah, was terribly sweet of them (: 
Camera hoe again (': Zoeee, Jess and Dais came round mine after school/work t'wasn't bad, kinda awkward for a bit though. Frankly I was tempted to down the bottle of wine but was kinda concerned that if I did I might not be able to 1. walk round Hinckley in heels, and 2. eat without throwing it up. Cameron managed to throw up at 3am though.. Daft guy (':
Good night, good night (:


3 tards (': gorgeous tards though. The loos had surprisingly nice, articulate mirrors which I'm tempted to nab (; there were also vibrators.. bit of an odd'n (;


Rozaaaa and Camerzzz (': damn we're cool!

So yeah, last night was epic (: Hinckley's covered in chavs after 10pm.. Kinda worrying. But hey, they appreciated the fitness. Ha.. :'D

Ahh, too much costa today, Hinckley in the day looks so different.. Kinda worse. HOWEVER. Got an uber cute cupcake from Costa, saw my retard, wandered about in a daaaaze and tried to help mum find a cocktail dress for this hunt thing with horse people. Urghh, that was fun. Kinda. Got a new cute top though :D
So sleeeeepy right now, I'm thinking kinda early night, then see Sam tomorrow (: Good times, good times. I'm also starting a car fund, found a beautiful old mini that I've got my heart set on. It's fairly pricey and considering I can drive in... 23 days, I kinda have to get saving!

Hmm, need to do chem homework. Booooo. Annndddd my internet's gone. WAY! 
OH, and my lovely favourite pal's unable to talk to me apparently. Weeeell fine. It's up to him I suppose. If I make a deal out of it he gets peed and if I don't he thinks that I'm happier not talkiing to him. So.. Can't really get it right. I'll figure it out (: HOPEFULLY!

Ahaaa, my legs are refusing to work after I did an exercise video on Thursday, my thighs are resembling stone! Bloody painful, but so funny! Good times (': I'm going to attempt to teach myself the guitar (: wish me luck!

Laterss babesss

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