Tuesday, 2 March 2010

it's not aaalllllll about you..

It's not all about you! It really isn't.
That and I've had that line in my head all day, Hoobastank.. Good shit guyss (': ewwww, my dog's trying to eat my foot. Freeaaak. 

Well! Last night I finally talked to my homie, kinda missed talking to the freak actually, but then using facebook chat was a complete effing pain. It's one of the worst things to use to try and talk over, saying it once just isn't enough for facebook (; So yeah, that was goooood.

Ouchh, my eye hurtsss like a hoebag. So does my head actually but I'm unwilling to take drugs for it, need to let nature do it's job.. maybe (':

Soo.. today was fun. Ish. I do resent the fact that my school won't let me access this blog from there, would make my day more fun, slightly. Didn't actually have a bad day, chem was good with Camerzzz and Zozaaa. (We're very cool) History required brain power which is always a fail, but it was with the darling FANIAK :D. Biology was cancelled cause my darling crappy teacher did her back on or something, meaning I could go to town with LornaaGay and grab a costa (': Discovered that caramel lattes really aren't that great frankly. Gingabread all the freakin' way :'D Spent 5 minutes in critical thinking, before escaping to town again with Benjamiiin for my dentist appointment. Managed to get the money to Camerzz at lunch, that was fun crap (;

Ahh Benjamiiiiin's a babe. We're too cool for the people of Hinckley (': 

Got too much biology work to do, and chem, and probably history at some point in my life but y'know. I can't wait for my birthday! 27 dayss (': need a new phone. And considering I'm never in my life going to be able to afford a blackberry, I may have to opt for a nokie 5800 or nokia n97? 

Urgh, and no, I don't text you for fun, I TEXT YOU BECAUSE I WANT A REPLY GENIUS :|

Nevermind eh? 
Coffeeeeeeee brap. Overeaten on random chocolates in a bowl that mum lobbed on the table. She should never do it again. I'm supposed to be writing a food diary for next wednesday and so far it's looking appalling. Then again it always is terrible! My diet fails. Not looking forward to seeing I weight 15 stone (;


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