Thursday, 4 March 2010

tomorrow tomorrow TOMORROW!

Is Friday.. I can still recall the days of the week (':

Excited much? (: I am I am I am mon amis. I get to go out for a meal with a stupid amount of people, half of which I'm not sure exist in the real world (joke guyss..) but yeah, should be good (: Hopefully Jessssica will be allowed to come round mine before so I won't be the only fully retarded and slightly tipsy one stumbling to Baracuda tomorrow night :'D Good times ahead sweet cheeks (:

Ahh I got a gingabread latte 4th, made my dayy, t'was a chilly walk into town, but the coffee makes up for it y'know. AND I got a Costa card. I'm a cool kid (; sadly it won't let me register it online so I can't get the 100 free points which is a tad gay. Perhaps I'll steal the schools internet and do it tomorrow when I'm bored. Probably in critical thinking, SUCH LARKS!

I'm getting harassed to finish my blog. How rude Charles (; she must love me so much.

I DID EXERCISE! Freakin' exercise... It's almost alien to me ever since I quit football, mom stopped going to badminton so I had to because she was my taxi, and tennis I got frustrated too much so there weren't many balls left. Balls (': such a child :D
But yes! I did some star jumps and stuff.. t'was fun actually, I may do it more often considering the amount of crap I eat and the only real exercise I get now is walking everywhere. And since I'm 17 in 25 days and am planning on driving and hopefully getting an old red mini, ohh old school (': then I'll be doing next to nothing :/

I'm thinking road trip in summer if Daisy and/or myself can drive :D possibly to the south coast siii? I'm looking forward to summer, ALOT. Making sure it's gonna be a good'n (; getting things planned with my homieesssss. Cause I'm a COOL DUDE :'D

Booo, mum's working ridiculously late and I'm watching the same episode of friends for the 3rd time today (; and my dog's kicking herself in the face with her foot. Strange animal (':

Should be getting work experience at the Hinckley Museum I'm seriously getting into this whole cool person fandango (; I'm pretty sure no one under the age of 50 has entered the Hinckley museum in the past 20 years. In fact half the people in Hinckley aren't aware there's actually a museum in this crappy town. Ahh the joy! I can't imagine why people would want to see what this place was like in the past.. Unless it was like the culture town of the county (; back in the day and what not..

Anndd! Today my darling noooob talked to me. It was a shock to the system (': maybe I'm overreacting. Not my fault I like talking to him. Jeeeeeez with a sneeeeze. I've been sneezing alot lately, I'm such a man when I sneeze, things will literally get blown away (:

ANYWAY. Charles is moaning, such a demanding girl? Boy? Transexual? God only knows :'D

Love to yo kid.

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