Tuesday, 2 March 2010

urm. am i alive to you?

I'm really starting to feel like I'm only friends with certain people when they can be bothered to be friends with me... Sorry sweet cheeks, but I'm not a bloody light switch.

I really am kinda fed up of it nowww. I don't like being serious tonight, was having a right larfff with Cameron and Charlesss, and now that's just brought me riiiiight down the pan. Boo, my mother can tell when I am and when I'm not talking to you. Darn. 

Oh if only I was as witty as Rowan Atkinson, that would be bloody amazing (':

I have to repeat something 15 times before you decide to reply and it gets on the nerves rather a little. 

Oh, and you might read this and get peed at me. Weeell, tough shit pixie. 

In other news... I'm now called Midget Gem (': I aspire to have a life as Phoebe. My hair's turned ridiculously frizzy, My geek glasses can fit round the bag I shove on my head when I get sick of my face, my internet's being a bugger, and my starbucks mug's my best bum chum. 

I should stop stalking certain people's facebooks. I must befriend someone rich and famous and become a maid at Buckingham Palace which I've probably mispelt but I really don't care at this moment in time. GRRRRR. No lighter fluid left. Suckssss. And I'm not 18 so I can't go out and get some more... Not that I have the money for it anyway.

I'm gonna save this and see if I still want to post it later. It's later, I'm slightly less peed but I have nothing to do and I really shouldn't start eating again. So I'm afraid I've decided to post this.. Clearly. That's if my internet will alow it (; 

I'm feeling all retro tonight, got the Blackadder out! It's the 3rd series so not the best of them I must say, but still pretty darn amusing :'D Live at the Apollo made me chirpy earlier, Michael McIntyre is an utter babe, seriously good for giggles (':

Owww, my eye's itchy. I've had to giggle that every time I join a group or whatever on Facebook, Sean suddenly becomes a fan as well (': it's larks. LARKS! 

OOOHHHHH! My fringe is behaving.. Pray with me that it'll be like this tomorrow morning? No lie in tomorrow, in fact I've got a full day tomorrow and I didn't do the biology that I needed to do for Thursday tonight due to laziness and general slovinliness. Oh the British way of life (; Well.. the British A level student's way of life who lives somewhere where no one else does.. Well. Y'KNOW! It takes ages to get anywhere from my house, even the shop up the road takes 15 minutes one way. And I don't have money for anything! And I don't really want anything from the shop either.. I'm always cautious things are out of date in that shop. I have my reasons.

Ahh Baldrick: "I have a cunning plan!" Such a babe! Yes, I love calling people babesss. Cause they are..

Ohhh, I feel better now (': Everything's me being stupid apparently, but BLAH. A year and 4 months before I can leave Hinckley (;
Na'niiiight sweet cheeks!

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