Sunday, 21 March 2010

how do you get a boyfriend?

"B-b-b-b-blow jobs I've heard"

That's according to the Vicar of Dibley however, might not be so accurate in reality sadly enough (; Not that I'd choose to get a boyfriend by offering blow jobs of course.. I'm honestly not that cheap. Nor desperate. And anyway, if I did things like that, I'd require payment and I'd get too attracted to the money aspect, so I'd end up working as a hoe..

Not exactly the ideal career path I want. 

Bleh, moving on. Damn all those people who are happily coupled up, your all making me feel jealous )': it's not nice! It's only eight days until I'm old and can potentially be a danger to the roads of Britain. It seems I'm going to be entering the tender age of 17 with a cold? Or something equally as tedious and mean. Perhaps I should consider eating a decent diet.. I'm not sure nutella and doritos are any good anymore. Tasty, si. Healthy? Hell no. Shame really..

Ohh boy dont'cha just larv' Charlie's Angels? I'm thinking I should start my own form of them.. Only instead of pretending to be able to fight crime and dickweeds, we should write witty literature? I'm beginning to think that's a damn good plan (; who wants to join?

Oh wow, all "badasses" drink coke out of a straw, wear pink tinted "shades," smoke, and dance like a constipated prat to crappy music. Amazing in'it? Pile of jerks...

Ahh, today has been a very good day, mum abandoned me at like 5 yesterday, I was under the pretence that she'd come back fairly late, but return on the same day. Such lies! Bless her, she was rather cynical about going to the meal thing, but I reckon she had a good time (': I did get kinda freaked out at the fact I could hear a load of guys and dogs at about 1am down the field, but bleh. 
Dragged my backside out of bed ridiculously early for my homeboy Chaaarles for a costa and a chat after my bout of depression and emotional junk last night.. *whooosaa.* I love that girl, she makes me smiiile. Only after abusing me, almost making me spill delicious coffee and laughing at my filthy mind.. But anywayy, I was up at quarter to 9 for no reason, considering I was awake at 2am and was feeling terribly nostalgic :/ looking at old photos was a bad idea. Booo.

Spent most of the morning before I had to leave making sure the dogs were alive and fiddling with more photos, I'm getting rather addicted to all this photo editing. Sadly I'm thinking it's becoming a mite monotonous the kinda style I'm doing? But I rather like it :'D. Wanna looksee?

This is basically all the things that remind me of summer (': sweet huh? I like random stuff like this, I only realised when I put it on facebook that the centre photo is of me and Sebastian. Not that that really counts for anything I suppose.. Kinda does to me. I'm a complex lady (':

There always has to be something involving coffee with me (; if you haven't learnt that yet then frankly you're dense.


The musician in me likes this (':

I also did one for Daisy with loads of Barcelona on it, but it's not as good as these, and it's rather crowded. Still good, but just.. not a personal favourite (;

But yesss, today was good. Charless makes me larff. Although some poor sod of a 7 year old twatty male child called her a man. That was mean. Only I'm allowed to say that. What a git! Seriously, I swear the generations get worse. Bleh. I still love her. She puts up with my insanity (': anyone that can do that is a fucking miracle worker (':
Went to the mead and chilled for a bit.. Got a feeling I'm the tiniest bit pink from being in the sun. It could be my cold? I've been sneezing alot today, I sneeze like a man. I cannot do small sweet sneezes!

Since I got home I've just chilled (': I like it that way. I think I've drivvled on enough anyway, sooo, I'm going to love you and leave you (:
"Who wants to be ordinary, in a crazy and mixed up world?" I rather love that lyric :'D

Larvv' to yo homies.


  1. what a good post ;) always makes me giggle ! x

  2. glad you like it you sexy mofo :'D x

  3. Lol. Be happy you're single! Be wild and free ;)

    Love the collages! Specially the third one :) :)

  4. Being single's grown on me, then grown old and turned into a horrible little gremlin. I fancy some more complications in life (':

    and thank youu :D i'm rather in love with my creative side right now (:


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