Friday, 26 March 2010

rose. really?

My form tutor fails, i've been in his form for almost a year and he still can't remember my three letter name. Got my report today, my word it was full of shite. Minus for biology.. the fact that i show no effort is just about accurate. But critical thinking: excellent approach to subject. Are you kidding?! Mate, i fall asleep in your class. 


Today wasn't bad.. chemistry wasn't fab but when in the world is it ever much fun with Smith? Unless she isn't there of course (; biology meant another test 'cause everyone failed the other one. I don't think Bromz gets that we really don't give a damn, maybe we should tell her? History was surprisingly okay, i'd been dreading it since last night since i was preoccupied with finishing a daft commentary for english coursework and i had no idea what the hell i was writing. I gave up at 10pm (': but yeah. Got some questions i was half confident on. Score. English was good.. Water's was doing something useless :'D. Walked to asda in the rain to get some mini doughnuts because i love my history class that much. Then bribed Stefaniak with them last lesson (': bless her. 

My history class love me now (':

Met Daisy for costa: LOVE. Fully caffeinated and so on.. 
Such larks (;

We'll be sitting in costa drinking gingabread lattes when we're 80.

My house smells like new windows, plastic and hairspray. Poop.
30 Seconds to Mars rock my world (:

"i feel her slipping through my fingers, now she's gone."
Sweet dreams Helen (L). 

T'raa (:


  1. OMG OMG OMG I LOVE 30 seconds to Mars!!! :D :D :D

  2. 30 seconds to mars <3. :'D


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