Wednesday, 24 March 2010

five days

It's not that i'm actually overly excited about my birthday, frankly i'm not too bothered about it. Maybe it's just that it was a tad of a blow out last year? Not really sure. Charles's post made me think about this, sort'a. I do rather larv' her, in fact, the content of the post is no way at all related to this. But my mind switched to it, i couldn't help it!

I don't like it when things change, especially when it's a change that makes things bad or worse or just.. not happy :/

Simply.. i miss him. Just hate the fact that i still like him and it makes me feel kinda pathetic because i reckon he rather plays me on it. Well, not really like that. But as in he knows i still like him and can't help it! Argh!

Bring me something nice for 17 (:

Ah dear. If A levels fail, i'm turning to photography. At least i enjoy doing this kinda thing, whereas with chemistry i struggle through it and inhale fumes that will probably kill me soon.

Something made me lol earlier though.. "death by caffeine" apparently by the time i consume 260g of coffee, i'm pushing up daisys. Hoorah?!

Ciao babess


  1. you + me = photography company x

  2. y'know.. thats the best idea EVER. we should do this (': x

  3. Totally agree on the change thing :\


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