Tuesday, 16 March 2010


For some reason I feel I should be dressed up in a pink fairy costume, waving a wand and feeling like a prat. I'm doing none of the latter.. which is possibly a good thing? Bleh.

And so tonight I was "blessed" with the burden of trying to teach myself a module or something of biology, seeing as I get absolutely nothing in class. I blame that on Lorna Gay 'causee she distracts me with pointless stories :'D. I did about an hour of it? Then got a tad distracted by facebook, Charles, facebook, a film, and a bit more facebook? It's terrible really, I should have a much more focused work ethic, but frankly I like procrastinating. 

I'm a teenager. Let me have my fun.

Urgh, I had to thrust myself through the strange, demented rabble of main schoolers after school today, becausee I forgot to get Camerons and Jakes cards yesterday when I pootled to Asda at lunch. Effort! I had a tad of insentive to brave Hinckley town though, Costa's there.. Y'know what that means for coffee addicts nationwide (; Got both the cards.. Just don't know which I should give to who. Decisions, decisions! 
It was kinda a bad idea to get a costa though, my folder weighed just about as much as me, so although I got to build arm muscles, it wasn't the easiest manouvre to try and drink the sweet nectar that is a gingabread latter (':
Saw Luke on the way home again, blesss him. He is just a bit hot (; Miss him at Asda, he brightened up my evening with sarcasm and wit :'D My mother's wit and somewhat diminished after having children and being bombareded with grief from them. 

Bleh (:

Well, had another History test 3rd with darling Stefaniak, she's started to make me nervous every time I have a lesson with her. Not sure why, I used to enjoy the fear. Now I just feel mildly ill. Managed to get 50% on the test we did on friday! I thought I'd epicly failed, and no, 50% isn't great but it's better than David or Nick (': hells YES!
I'm disliking the obsession with tests from teachers right now.. We get it, we have AS exams in two months, but seriously babes, CHILL. Please?

Ahh Lorna reminded me of when I had conjunctivitous in year 9, my mother being evil and utterly unsympathetic sent me into school. Bloody evil I tell you! I came out of assemble and couldn't open my fucking eye. I looked like a right freakin' cretin. Then mum got peed when I got sent home after assembly.. Her fault for sending me in the first bloody place!

Chaaaarles has let me read her blog (': Charles Peniston, i love you! Lotss (':

Oohhh, I was talking to Sebastian today :'D poor baby has german measels.. I couldn't resist but tell him to pass on a message to Hitler to shave the moustache, it looks bloody ridiculous. I'm utterly childish! I do larv' talking to Seb tbh. Boooness that he lives so far away )':
HA! In critical thinking last, we were forced to do a test thing, it's like making arguments and shit, I feel obliged to point out I've been able to argue successfully since I was 6. But at the end I wrote a paragraph of an insulting argument pointing out why we don't need to do the fucking subject. BLERH.

OH! Need to get the resit form and money in for thursday. EEEEEK. 
Hmm, I might just leave it there for tonight, I'm feeling uber tired now, and my hands can't be arsed to type anymore.

Niiight babessss


  1. I love yourrr bloogggggg. :(

  2. ahh thank you! (: i must get back into the habit of writing and reading things a tad more :'D

  3. Biology.. biggest pain off my life! I dropped it today, need to focus on my history. Sorry but do i actually care about Martin Luther or Henry VIII?! i wish i did something more useful in history, that would be good :)

  4. I'm planning on dropping it after June exams, I kindaa need an AS that universities will actually care about. I don't think "critical thinking" counts as anything.
    I love history! I'm a self confessed history nerd (': Peter the Great is an utter babe, so utterly screwed up, but interesting to prod at :D


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