Wednesday, 3 March 2010

you made baldrick a lord?

Bonjour mon amis, my leg's bloody itchy right nowww, tights are amazing but prone to being itchy bitchesss. Oh my dog is so darn lazy, kinda cute in his way, but ridiculously lazy (': fusspottt. 
My gum hurtssss.

HA! Today in "guidance" i.e. a piss take, we had to look at making personal statements and various other bits of crap for uni and jobs. In the extra curricular bit, I'm desperately trying to search for things to talk about. I used to play football, badminton and tennis, but since 6th form started I've done pretty much jack all. Soooo I've included this brain child on it. Apparently I'm not allowed to incriminate the school or it's staff anymore )':. Booness. It means that my dreams of turning JC into a fully operating and highly illegal brothel is over. GCSE history was full of siilar crao like that (':

Hmm, some girls should get some dignity :| try keeping your boobs, IN A TOP. Grrr. Having said that, they should try getting a top long enough to cover knickers or jeans that are big enough to cover them in the first place..

OOOO. My hair wasn't frizzy today (': for once I had half the energy to straighten it and my straightners weren't popping! :'D

In chem I got to play around with many many chemicals (': probably resulted in my brain being smothered in crap and so onn, really did stink where me and Camerzz were working, well, failing with some blue crap. It was supposed to turn orange or red or something, ours kinda seperated into clear stuff and blue stuff. We fail at chemistry (;

Darling Fraine wasn't in biology either so got a free period.. And the work left was what most of us had already done in half term for homework. :S Ah well, meant I got Duerdin's crap done (:

Noone to text atm, it's dull )':

Really looking forward to Friday though (: should be good. Eeeeeeee! I'm fancying food right now, shame we have none in the house (': Need to get some wine and cider in for Daaaiiss and Zoee on Friday. Really need to plan a huge picnic in summer, can't wait for summer!! Hopefully go on holiday with mom to Greece, have a mass picnic with too many people down Burbage Common, would love to go on a road trip to the coast if I can drive and get a mini by then.. In fact that's a point. I have to send off for my flipping provisional like.. NOW.

Need a new phone as well.. ARGH MONEY!


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