Monday, 15 March 2010

i disgrace myself.

I write one half decent but lengthy post, then I forget this thing exists. Well, I didn't forget that it existed or anything, but I've been busy/procrastinating.

Had a good weekend though! 

Saturday was me and Lorna on a market stall for 4 hours freezing our asses to the core and doing aerobics in Hinckley at 9am. Goood times (': however, Henry bought me a costa so I was half alive, and I got called a cheeky tart by some bloke. It was all for charity so it was gooood, all good (': Bladdy cold though. People in Hinckley seem to be miserable after about 11am though, it was obscure! All the people between then were fairly cheery and donating money and being nice and so forth, but after then it was like trying to get a conscience out of a bullet. 
Raised a fair amount of cashh though :D not loads, but a heck of alot more than we expected. Proud as punch yoda (':
I'm thinking my internet's gone.. again. Unbelievable! My internets been having just a touch of PMT lately. It's driving me insane. I'm talking on msn, NOOO I don't want you to crash you ridiculous cretin :|

Bite me.

OH MY WORD. On Saturday, well.. later on saturday. Dragged mom to the garden centre to see if there were any jobs there. The jobs failed. BUT! I aquired a phallic shaped cactus (': within two minutes I managed to name it Boris. I'm a sad girl, but I freakin' love the hawt little babeee.

Ain't he cuute? :'D really does look like a penis..

Thenn, saw Daisy, watched crap, to be frank, we were both ridiculously tired. I had half a valid reason though! Greeting people with cheer for 4 hours and working on 3 hours sleep hurts. ALOT. Buuuut we got chinese.. NOM. Chinese takeaways are the best thing in the world. Granted it means I've probably piled on 15 stone, but it's utterly worth it :'D.

Sunday was blissfully lazy, actually did some work, found out I've kinda done it wrong because I didn't read the sodding sheet. Bleh, that chem teacher hates me anyway and just thinks I'm unbelievably stupid. :/ Managed to get half of my english lit coursework done though. I personally think it's fairly crap. Sent it to a load of people to see what they thought, but they have to lie. They're friends. Kinda (;
Incriminated Chaaaarles on webcam, I just felt I should take advantage of her drunken state. Not that I'm mean or anything (':

Ohh yes. We're hot (;

Kiiiiinda got a date for friday. Not really sure if it's going to happen though, bleh. If it does, it does, if it doesn't, no sweat (:

I realised something today.. I go for guys who look fairly similar or do similar stuff. This is weird! I kinda like the rugby player/tall/really ridiculously gorgeous guys. Ones that I can never get basically :/
Booooness. Maybe one day? (: Wish for meee (;

Laterss babessss


  1. Haha, that cactus really looks like a penis :P
    But it's cute!

  2. I'm so happy to be on your bloggg. :)

  3. I love my new cactus, I only chose it 'cause it's phallic. I'm so childish (':
    Ahh, enjoy my blog while I get bored with A levels (;

    I like knowing people still read this :'D


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