Thursday, 15 April 2010


urgh, as much as i hate to admit it, this week has turned me into several things i hate. a complete stress head, a crappy friend, and a dramatic hoebag. bad bad times! not to mention my converse have shredded my ankle. booooo.. they didn't rub when i first got them, but for some reason they have lately D: utterly unimpressed! 


they are still uber gorgeous. you can forgive their discrepencies for that (;

can't actually wait for this week to be over frankly, it's just been a field of landmines of coursework, essays, work, issues, being a twat towards friends.. only good thing's been the fact that i've got my ass into gear and done a fair bit of work and i've done a fair bit of photography! i'm a little obsessed. you might have gathered..

went to costa 4th today, kinda walked off from my friends. just was in the mood to be alone y'know? after putting stupidly big foot in my mouth last night i just needed to think. ended up sitting by myself in costa doing history like the nerd i am (': good times!

some people can't live without water, i can't live without coffee. it's my lifeline!
i really should have gone for a nap earlier, i'm trying to stay up so i can talk to tom. damn him for getting in late :| ah well. i can kill time by writing this right?

i promise i'll do a better photo for tomorrow, i don't have to worry about work as soon as i get home. it's freakin' friday tomorrow :'D. you'll never know how happy that makes me. (:

lordy, 3rd huge cup'a coffee today and it manages to make me feel more tired..

"who knows what could happen, do what you do, just keep on laughing." 
- i like that idea. alot (:

they hurt like a hoe but i love them (L).

na'niiight (:


  1. damn those converse (;
    but they are really really cute xD

  2. i larv my rozboz almost as much as i love my coffee - thats alot :| x

  3. they are utterly gorgeous (:
    that IS alot.. i rarely love things more than coffee, but you're one of them (:
    my odd fashion sense. lavv' it! x


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