Thursday, 29 April 2010

why why whyyyyyy...

damnnn people. i dislike staying up for a phone call and then it doesn't actually happen D: i get why and everything, but still! fact stands, i don'nae like it..
small mercy being that i managed to write two and a half sides for a history essay which for a 24 marker in an exam my lord would i never be able to write even half that much. i do resent exams sometimes, it's hardly fair that they expect you to be able to shove so much in an answer when you haven't got the time to write what they want! stupid exam boards.. the worst are history and english by far. not looking forward to june.

anywayy, i have to revise. frankly i can't be arsed. i think i stand for the majority of a level students when i say that, it's annoying! but rather nice when after four months of not getting chemistry, revision lessons pop along and suddenly i understand! it's a freakin' marvel i tell you (':

i rather like losers.

minus david cameron.. what a prick.

ah that time of the year.. general elections.. gimmie a vote sadists! if gordy comes back i might cry. if we get daaave then lets face it, even grass will be airbrushed.
so we'll go ahead and vote for cleggy! 

but wait.. oh yeah. i can't vote :/
bit of a fail there perhapsss? 

i've managed to get hold of photoshop as well! EEEEEEEEEE :'D and i found a shop to get rollerblades from.
i need help working photoshop so if anyone knows anything.. TALK! :'D

i just really want summer now.. the thought of rollerblading, my favourites, drinking, pizzaa.. lack of school. so calming!

"the only thing that looks good on me is you"
- (; feisty one me. or am i..? 

losers rule. simpleeee (':


  1. Ha I do history and, bloody hell.
    And photoshop is WAY too complicated for me man, I use gimp =D

  2. yeah, history and english are painful (': in exam form anyway..
    it really is uber complicated! i DID have gimp.. then i got a new laptop and didn't bother installing it (':

  3. HISTORY :( :(
    I hope you get elected. :)

  4. History is the death of everything humane. ish (:
    i SHOULD run England! it'd be hilarious franly.. free coffee, lock all chavs in a room and watch them slowly eat eachother or fill the room with fagash then photography ALL the time! :'D i'd make a fab prime minister.

  5. Ask me, I know lots about Photoshop, well worth the $500 investment that I'm sure you paid for ;)


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