Tuesday, 20 April 2010

my bad.

this weekend was gooood, sunday was a bit weird actually.. i think i stayed up talking 'till about 4. i think that was saturday night.. either way i refused to wake up until 1pm. ahh, nine gorgeous hours of unconsciousness!

yesterday wasn't bad, my only free last period which lorna disapproved of me going home in 'cause there was a hope against cancer meeting after school. darling, i might love you but seriously, give me a break. urgh! it's not that i couldn't be arsed to stay, but what was i going to do for 2 hours?! this when i could go home, chill, dance in pjs like a tard and attempt a work out video. no competition sweet cheeks. i did actually take a photo or two but my creative side's dwindling a tad atm. i think it's the impending exams that are scaring the big jesus out of my brain causing brain failure. urgh.

anyway, things that you need for summer:

good food, good drinks, and good company. 
that's the trio that makes my summer anyway.. including London and rollerblades (;

on sunday my brain had a minor lapse of judgement. those three words are suicide sometimes. baaaaaaaad timing girl. ditto monday! actually.. no. on monday i just stabbed myself in the leg with a pin when i was making a skirt which.. buggeration. i was gonna take photos of today but i completely forgot about. ah well, i'll take some at some other point (: it's nothing special but it made me feel proud. capiche? dumdideeee. i hatehatehate feeling like this sometimes!

taaaardinesss. my arm's itching like billio.. damn sunburn!

just don't feel i fit in anywhere atm, doesn't really give me a reason to be a prat though. 
to all my losers.. and one in paarticular.. sorry for being a crappy friend lately. I will improve! pinky promise. and i know i put it up before but it can go up again seeing as it's puuuurdy.

i do love you loser and you knowww it.

do you ever have the urge to correct someone's spelling/grammar even though they really don't care? this guy's driving me mad. i'm such a freakin' nerd!
"in the race to get out of this place"
- too freakin' true love! ahh a song called geek love. "don't presume to know shit about me." that's the best piece of advise i could ever give. (:

tbh i wasn't sure which one looked better.. damn i have scratch marks on my arm. i can't remember scratching my arm though.. 
meh (:

"who knows what could happen, do what you do just keep on laughing" 

- i'll give it a whirl tomorrow. tonight i'm just gonna drink coffee and dance like a prat in jammies.

goodnight world (:


  1. You and your photography.....EEK! :D (That was a good eek, see...) x

  2. i larvv' it (': gracias! x


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