Saturday, 24 April 2010

so apparently i burn.

burn baby burn, disco infernoo! oh what a blast from the past (': for some reason me and sarah were singing it in history yesterday. according to townsend i have an 'attitude problem' because i was opting for revision rather than some shitty video so didn't shut the curtains. god she's a pain in the ass! she should learn how to teach (;
i did actually skip last lesson yesterday. was supposed to have a history test but i felt fairly shitty and wouldn't have done well anyway. i think i'll just be a kiss ass and do the questions for stefaniak on tuesday (;. sorteddd.

friday night was goooood though, got things sorted, chilled.. pigged out. i seem to do that every weekend! it's baaaad mon. bad. VERY bad. i blame it all on daisy (; damn i love that freak. she attacked me in the park today.. if it was possible, we would have been thrown out. thank god for public places ehh? photography addiction! was rather beautiful weather too :'D niiiice walking and so on.

annnnddd i rediscovered a dress which i got ages ago! it's uber cute all polka-dot and sweet, but it's seriously short. meh, i have nothing much going for me (':

i'm a photo hoe. what more can i say? (':

i loved the fact that i was laughing deliriously on the way home again, just nice to chill and be a retard without giving a damn. having said that, i'm pretty sure anyone in hinckley that was in the mead and saw me and dais think we're lesbians now. she likes mounting my ass. what more can i say?!

chav impressions.. such fun (; try them sometime! but make sure the chav's oblivious.. otherwise you might get abused with poor intellect and the aroma of fag. not particuarly nice to say the least. ahh dear ME. good times. 

daisy licks things. shoes, branches, grass.. windows. everything! no joke.

catch up with saaaam tomorrow :'D holy mofo i'm tired already. 
sleeeep sooon (: oh, and i took a really good photo of converse + costa today..

"welcome to a new kind'a attention all across the idiot mission"
- good old greenday! retro much? loveee it.

na'niight losers


  1. i adore your photography, its beautiful,
    and so are you.

  2. ah thank you (: so are you (:

  3. OMG LOVe the All Star picture! :D
    The dress- you look cute :)

  4. i do rather love my converse artistic streak (: they're my babies. (:


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